Game Pass to Steam account linking

Hi there.

I’ve been playing AoE IV in Game Pass since release. I was going to buy Age IV in Steam with the latest discount, but just tried the free week to see if my progress in Xbox goes to Steam and it didn’t.

Is this supposed to be this way? When I linked my Xbox Live account all the achievements I’ve previously unlocked were also unlocked in Steam. HOWEVER, nor my masteries, nor my level (100+ lvl), nor any profile picture/banner/monument/etc, were unlocked.

I need someone to confirm if this is as is, or if it’s a bug or something? I really want to buy AoE IV on Steam, but won’t under any cirumstance do if all my progress is ditched in the proccess.


EDIT: btw, also, account doesn’t stay linked, whenever I close AoE IV my account is just unlinked in next start

Unfortunately the benefits from linking your account are quite limited.


so you have 2 start over from level 1 is what you are telling us?

True, and the achievements are not fully unlocked either.