Game Performance

Hello friends,
I open this space only to discuss the performance of the game.
What do you think about the optimization?
Especially for me, it’s pretty regular, with very strong FPS drops, my system is a:
i7 9gen
RTX 2070 max q.

I use the configuration recommended by the card’s own program, I have rtx 2060 of 6b and the game does not recommend putting some features to the maximum, but in general it looks good and is fluid

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I am satisfied with the game performance. I give it a 7,5/10.

Of course it can be improved (and hopefully it will).

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to be fair some settings (lets say geometry) are invisible above like medium, even low to medium is really hard to see

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now to add to performance i’ll compare how unit count is handled here and in 2 and 3, in 2 and 3, getting 1000 units out will lag on any cpu, in aoe4, similar thing happens, but at 10000 units, so on that end, well played relic

Anyway, I think the game needs better optimization, I can play Red Dead Redemption at 60 FPS, while in AOE 4 even under 60 FPS

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I don’t have any performance issues at all, but my PC is also well beyond the minimum specs so I’ve never tested at the margins.

The age of RDR (12 - 13 years old) and RDR2 (4 - 5 years old) aside, different games optimise differently. Strategy games in particular bottleneck differently to FPS / TPS games. This difference is made more complicated by games being able to run on a console (some games are console-first, others are PC-first, but games that run on a console still have to abide by the very specific design constraints of those systems. This affects games that bottleneck differently, in different ways).

tl;dr: it doesn’t really matter what frames you get in RDR.

Other strategy games might be a better benchmark, but if the game is performingly poorly for you, looking at your settings will help in the short term.

More performance is always good, but I don’t think the game needs it right now. Or rather, I think it needs other things more.

i have similar specs to you, but 32gb ram and 2080ti, i can confirm fps drops in 4v4s, especially when there are many units

you’d need a very modern cpu to not have fps drops i think

this game is very poorly optimized. i give it a 1.5/10 score.

when you have most of your resources spent on balance changes and cosmetics like BIOME (lol… only to get terrible feedback)… and a less appealing than a 1990’s typical game main menu… and balance is only meh mediocre… and yet have poor performance, i really dont know – wouldn’t you feel shame?

i just checked even in main menu, the game draws 100w additional on my gpu, i can’t decide if its cryptomining or they simply do not care about efficiency and performance. looking at my villagers running around my tc/mill already makes me wonder if they care at all.