Game process exit immediately after applying update 29715!

Game process exit immediately after game ready pressed and multi player game start.
i update to newest today on steam.
enter any multi player room and be ready, after the game start the whole game process exit or crashed instantly.
please help solve this proplem after applying the update 29715
DxDiag.txt (98.1 KB)

and then i try start a small fight with AI , still the same issue, whole game exit or crashed after all game memmber ready and starting

The same thing is happening to me so it doesn’t appear to be specific to just you.

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yeah, waiting if any offical stuff helping solve … :weary:

Please remove or update all your mods. Old Mods will not work with the new version unless they are updated. Check if it helps.


thanks it works ! i disable all the mods i install then game work without problem thanks

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