Game Randomly Freezes

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33315.0 4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)

Occasionally, the game will slow down and freeze, making me have to restart it. However, today it has become much worse. I’m not even 10 minutes into the game and it freezes, making me lose progress. It seems to crash very frequently, and I have to save the game frequently to avoid loosing progress. It’s very frustrating and,as of now, I can’t play the game for a long period of time without this happening. I’m really hoping that this month’s patch will fix this issue. It needs to be released as soon as possible so that the game won’t crash anymore. Has anyone else experienced this problem? There is no way to reproduce this error, it just happens at some point. Every time this happens, I have to use task manager to close it as it will not close on its own. Can anyone help me with this?