Game restarts my entire PC

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.35209.0 4667120)
  • Platform (Steam)


My computer is restarting whenever I play the game for around 10-20 minutes. This is not a blue screen it just goes straight to the bootup screen as if I were starting up my computer. Cant provide a screenshot and the only thing I can say is that its happening during campaigns and single player matches.(haven’t tried online because of single player issues I encountered.)

I tried using the lowest graphics I could despite my computer being 32GB and the specs being above the minimum requirements. Looked online for crash fixes and tried things suggested like tried changing virtual memory and a few other steps I saw for other issues to no avail. Had task manager and MSI Afterburner running to check for memory issues, overheating, etc and saw no issues in the time before the crash.

Have had no issues running any other game on steam and cannot find anything exactly like my issue. Time range might not be exact but I am almost certain that I have never been able to keep it running for more than a half hour span at a time.

Reproduction Steps:

Nothing I can really give, I’m just playing the game one minute and the next minute I am at a the boot up. screen.

Update because I have been able to play it without crash. The issue usually happened when I was in the process of highlighting or clicking on uints. I changed the hp bar from unique to legacy and have yet to experience a crash.

Not sure why something so small would be such a huge issue but I have been able to play it fine now.

Update2: guess I jinxed myself because it crashed after posting this, But I had it going for ~2hours which is the longest it has stayed up for me

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Exact Same happened to me today!

cpu amd 5 ryzen 3600
Mobo msi b450m gaming plus
vga msi 1060gtx 6gb
ssd samsung 970 qvo 1tb

I have the same issue and I am desperate. When I play 1vs1 ranked games, around 15-20 min my PC simply restarts. I have tried lowering the graphics and did not work. It has happened to me 5-6 times and it is very annoying.

Intel i7-4770 CPU 3.40GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 2AF3 (SOCKET 0)
Windows 10 Pro

What can I do?

Try playing windows mode with lower resolution. Or deactivate enhanced dlc if you have it.

Hey All!

I’ve been having this same problem ever since i bought the game back in November. Never been able to play the game for more than 25 minutes without my entire computer restarting. People are correct that Age of Empire II is not able to reboot the computer but other things on the computer can.

Here is what i have found. I fixed the issue, hope it works for you.

The ultimate fix i found was running AoE in compatibility mode for windows 8.

Article on how to run steam games in compatibility mode below.

Some other things i found.

I also disabled a setting in windows that would auto restart my PC .

Article about turning off auto restart in windows 10

There is also a service in windows 10 called “Software Protection Service” <— this is what got me looking past game settings and start to troubleshoot my PC and windows. I saw an event for this every time in my logs in the Event viewer | windows logs | system , right before my PC started. I was going to post an article about it, but I’m new so i can only post two articles.

I hope this helps some of you!

Game on!

My Build:
Intel i7-4790k
Graphics: NVIDIA Gigabyte 1080 Ti 11 GB
RAM 32 GB Corsair Vengeance
Motherboard: Gigabyte z97 - gaming 7
Windows 10 Pro

I had this issue since launch. Very random restarts. No issues for a game or two then it would happen consecutively within a short 5-10min window, sometimes even on the loading screen.

Computer would immediately reboot. I monitored heat on both GPU and CPU and had nothing over 72 C.

I fixed this by changing my gameplay resolution scale to 75% and removing health bars. No issues since.