Game Size will be 93 GB (Official Source)

In the Age of Empires IV official page it shows that the aproximate size is 93 GB:

Link here:

For comparison:
Age of Empires DE: ~12GB
Age of Empires II DE: ~ 41 GB
Age of Empires III DE: ~ 38 GB
(Source: Steam Library → Properties → Local Files)

What do you think about that? Does this mean that Age of Empires IV will have a lot of content compared with the previous games?


Can’t be accurate, 100 GB for an RTS is incredibly large, plus, it says the age rating is 16+, they said they wanted it to be a T rating


If this is true, I suppose the graphic cards necessary to run AOE4 will need quite some power to run those assets.

I don’t see people from the 3rd world being able to run AOE4, which is just further going to have a negative impact on sales.

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In the Spain and France pages it says the same.

In the USA page, it says it is for +13:

That is the age range they would want according to them

I find it hard to believe that the specs will be very high. Unless they did nothing for optimization, the graphics shown were not top notch graphics. If it really is 93 GB, what the heck is taking up all that space?

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Maybe it has a lot of different texture qualities. Adam Isgreen literally said (if I remember well) that they want that every PC is able to run the game, from High Spec to Potato.


But why does it then need even more space than AOE2:DE? Just because of various skins of literally the same thing or what?

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Unless they showed us the middle of the tree, the highest graphic level wasn’t very high. That doesn’t warrant 93 GB

Yes, from very low to high quality/resolution. If this is the case, I hope they can put the biggest textures as a free DLC, like in Age II DE, so people that is not going to use them don’t have to download them.

Or because of the campaign cutscenes.

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I think with 93GB we can also hope for some historical Cutscene stuff.


For comparison, Battlefront 2 is 80 GB on my Xbox One. There better be a buttload of content, because Battlefront 2 has a buttload and this is more than that.

I remember from when I was a kid, whe installing the original Age of Empires, that the game installer asked if you wanted to install the cutscenes or not. If you installed them, the game was like the double size.
EDIT: I have just checked it. Installing Age of Empires: Gold Edition with cutscenes: 226 MB. Without cutscenes: 94 MB.


3 hours of documentary per campaign remember?
12 hours of 1080p is a lot of gbs :wink:


Rome total war 2 (base game) was 35GB when it first came out and that has much more detailed graphics and whatnot, so this game needing 93GB is insane.

The only thing that I can think of is all of the cinematic documentaries that they have briefly talked about for the campaigns that take up half of this space.

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maybe it has 4k video ¯\(ツ)

I dont have a problem with game being 93Gb, most of us have at least 500gb or 1Tb HDD’s today, right?

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If I had a 500 GB HDD it would be a problem. But that’s what I had in 2009 in my budget computer.
Disk storage is cheap, especially HDDs.
Look at what a 8TB HDD costs.

AoE4 is just a bit more than 2x from AoE3DE (System requirements say 42 GB)
Especially 4k cinematic cost a lot of disk space.

It will most likely go down just like aoe:DE and aoe2:DE with 4k

I would like to know if the game has Historical Battles, Art of War type scenarios. Surely there must be additional modes.

Isn’t it 14 gigabytes?