Game speed in certain campaigns

I just started playing this game and i was trying some of the campaigns. For the moment i’m not interested in multiplayer (i know 1.7x is the conventional speed there) and since i’m a newbie i’m more comfortable playing on slow speed in real time. Unlike other campaigns i found 2 that are speed locked: William Wallace and Art of War, is it supposed to happen? I can’t change the speed. Is there a way to fix this problem? Or if it’s meant to be this way is there a mod that allow to change the speed?
Thanks in advance and sorry for possible mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

William Wallace is basicly a tutorial campaign, so you should learn from it how to play. I think it is good that you need to experience fixed speed in this.

Art of war are advanced tutorials teaching you how this game is played by other players. It can’t allow you to change speed, as this is test of your skills. It is not designed for casual playstyle.

To be honest if you can’t handle default speed during Willam Wallace campaign, you need to practice more, as those are the easiest scenarios in game. Art of war, on other hand, should be challenging.

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If you only play single player, you can choose the speed as you like it of course. If you like Slow (1.0), that’s fine; if you like Casual (1.5), that’s fine as well. Regardless of the speed: if you get overwhelmed, you can pause (F3) and give orders to your units, which they’ll execute once you unpause (press F3 again).

If later on, you want to play multiplayer, I would recommend to do the following:

  1. Always play with Normal speed (change this in the Settings). You can remove the speed hotkeys so that you’re sure to stick with that.
  2. Never pause. Remove the F3 hotkey (if you really need to pause you can just open the menu with F10).
  3. If you have a bit more experience, you can choose to always play on Hard difficulty.

This will help you get used to the pace of a multiplayer game.

Let me explain. I used to play only single player. Speed: Fast (2.0), but I would pause all the time. I really had to un-learn this habit to switch to multiplayer. Hence I removed the hotkeys.

Note though that multiplayer is completely different from the campaigns regardless. It is almost like playing different games.

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