Game Start Lag

Not sure if it just happens to me, but the first few seconds of a game tend to be really awkward for me. Often the TC is not selectable and I send the command to make a villager but it doesn’t actually happen.

Please don’t actually start the game until everything is fully loaded in and the TC is selectable. It seems to do some more model loading as the game actually starts. Not sure what’s going on here but this seems like a big problem for competitive especially. Oddly enough, I’m often one of the first players to load on the load screen but wish that mattered for this…

For me is about 1 second for EU matches… If I play in other world zone it’s about 1,5 to 2 seconds delay. But I think this delay is the same for everyone

They ought to have the game select your TC on load-in so you can queue villagers before the loading screen pops into the game, as with C&C Generals / ZH.

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