Game sticks every few seconds in game and at home screen

Game Version: 2.7

  • Build ((####))


I only installed it today, first loaded into the game and when scrolling the window sticks for a second or two time, every 5 or 6 seconds, all units stop momentarily, then the game continues again for a few seconds, this repeats constantly. I also tried to play through it for a minute or so, tried to build citizens and only Oracles were being produced, something funky going on with AoM here. I played this a few years back with no issues at all.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. There is no specific cause for the bug, it happens constantly on my installation.
  2. It actually even does it just sat at the home screen of the game, the background animation with the colossus and the fishing ship stick constantly.
  3. Happy to provide info abut my setup if needed.