Game still crashing in every multiplayer game

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  • GAME BUILD #: 38254
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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game crashes consistently in the first 15 minutes of a MP game

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a MP game (here lobby game 1v1)
  2. play a bit
  3. crash without error

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Game working as intended

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Record Game.age3Yrec (2.3 MB)


After this most recent patch, my game crashes when loading in. I cant play any multiplayer games

Hi @CitingPepper233, thanks for your report! I have written a ticket for this and we are now tracking the issue. :slight_smile:

Is there anything common between the games that are crashing or is it consistently every game, regardless of the settings (map, civ, etc)? Additionally, are any mods enabled?

Otherwise, the most useful information we could obtain is a crash dump. If you are able, you could set up crash dump collection using by following the instructions in the link below. If you’re able to send us a .dmp file it would be much appreciated!

Well the only real connection i see is that i play MP. i never had/have a problem like this in singeplayer. I tried different civs, maps (not game modes), server regions and also on different networks with different hardware (laptop + desktop pc). So i really doubt the issue is on my hardware configuration, but i hope to be proven wrong.
I disabled (map mods) again, didnt do the difference. I can actually share all my dumb files. The crashes reported are all from the 8.8. but i also had the same problem in july, so maybe those also do help

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Forgot to click reply, so i guess I tag this way (you can delete this when you see it).

I have the same issue except the game crashes no matter what game I play, whether it is single player skirmish, campaigns or online multiplayer games.

Well today another crash. I could finish some Supremacy game multiplayer games (20 min time), no luck in Deathmatch though. Initially i thought logging into Windows live would help or the patch did the trick, but the problem persists

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Sounds like you have a mod installed that isn’t compatible. This is usually the cause of this issue. Ensure your mod(s) is/are disabled or up-to-date.


I have a feeling this is map related…
" PreGame 170077: MAP CODE: ‘Punjab/2/12581/0/1/6/0/8’ "
Every time i check logs of people, this map is the last " played " one.
is it even a map? i have no clue.

I will try this. Thanks for replying. I will update in a day if it seems to work or not.

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This time the old “disconnect”. Seems like i do have two seperate issues going on. One Crash without error and the second one is loosing connection after some time (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter). In sum that means for me i cant play the game in mp.
I attached the Replay & the logs

For me 90% of the time it’s during Arena map since that’s all anyone at my elo seems to want to play. But it could possibly be from playing some user generated maps. Is there a way to delete them from your game?

Is there an easier way to send dumb files? Playing ethiopia in MP crashes me

Edit: Are the DMP Files actually readable? it says for my tool they are corrupt?

To anyone else having this problem. Try with a new account and see if the issues persist (i tried with family share). For me i can play just fine (on the second account). On the first account i do still have the issues. I still think there is something wrong in the backend and not something i can fix, but maybe that helps you.

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@Breadalus Have you noted this ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Was quite a run to get him playing.

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Hi @DrMaxy4142 - we have a ticket for @CitingPepper233’s earlier issues but it seems the crash dumps were not attached. This is my mistake and I have updated the ticket now.

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Hi @CitingPepper233 - We’ve taken a look at the crashdumps. There’s unfortunately not a really clear indication of what is wrong but it’s possible some bad data is being stored.

For first account where you encountered the issues, you could try clearing the data from it and using that account again to generate new data for that user.

The folder is located here: (it will be a folder with a long number as the title)
C:\Users\<user>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE
Just be careful not to delete the wrong user folder and be sure to copy out any home city xml files, savegames or other data you’d like to keep. I would suggest making copies of all user folders first.

Apologies for the delay - if you do try this, let me know if it works!
Thanks! :cowboy_hat_face:

I tried deleting all the files in the folder, or do i need to delete the parent older (hidden files?). But that didnt do anything. Next time i try with deleting the folder with the number and let it create new… but i honestly dont understand how local files lead to MP disconnection issues? Can someone Please check in the microsoft servers and just reset my account?

These are the user files, which i get crashes in mp all the time.

Well i tried again by deleting the user files and using the user files of my other account. That seems to be working at least for the first test, i think the root cause might be in the settings files (hotkey settings etc…). Will probably test more in one or two days…

I have this issue again, this time deleting userfiles didnt help (the folder with the numbers). Also this times i have the problem on both my accounts…