Game still not working on Windows 7 even after new update

Game still not working on Windows 7 even after new update. Broken since update in the previous update.

The patch notes does not even have a note that the game still does not work or will not work on Windows 7. There is no official information about that matter.

At least have the decency to inform players about that. This intransparent incompetent attitude from developers is very disrespectful to people who payed money for this product.

@Felizon89 Do you mean win 7 can play in patch 77209?

I mean there was a rollback so we are not on “new update” as OP said, we still in 75350.

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@HeBroGaming Let’s not get too optimistic here. In the rolled back patch notes on official page (rolling my eyes that there was even a roll back), there is no note about fixing win7. I am negatively amazed, that there is nothing on the official page about rollback, just news about new patch.

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That’s because

  1. While AoE 2 DE was runnable on Windows 7 (apparently via workarounds), it was never an officially supported OS unlike it’s the case for other MS games (Halo MCC, Gears 5).

  2. Windows 10 is listed as the minimum requirement.

  3. The support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020.

@FloosWorld Well of course. But it was supported and playable on Win7 despite those reasons anyway.

Would it hurt developers to announce that it will be fixed or that it was definitively dropped? Do we as win7 users really ask for that much?

It was just playable, but not officially supported, likewise with AoE 1 DE after that game came out on Steam in August 2019.

You can of course submit a support ticket, but they’ll will tell you the same as I did.

While I didn’t found anything specifically mentioning Win 7, this support article says that AoE 2 DE is only officially supported on Win 10 and 11.

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Just as a FYI: the current PUP build works for Windows 7. The best option remaining is eventually updating to Win 10 tho.

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I don’t know what do you mean by current PUP build, but the game won’t start for me.

I used to have PC with win10 and it screwed the performance and QoL terribly compared to win7 and even win8,
so no, thank you. Sadly, I would rather stop playing and buying new content for this game.

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PUP as in Public Update Preview. That’s a public beta you can access if you own the game on Steam.

Huh, interesting. I’m using my current PC for ~10ish years now, only updated my GPU and switched from Win 7 to Win 10 back in 2018 shortly before AoE 1 DE’s release and Win 10 just works as fine as Win 7 for me.

Ok, thanks for explanation. That sounds promising.

Lucky you. I had laptop with win10 and with every subsequent bigger update it got slower and in from some 1903 or so the update was not even able to finish, freezing everytime at 54% (that is known problem which was never solved). At the end the laptop was significantly slower, while at the time of purchase it was very fast.
So win10 no more and I do not have mood to spend money and install new hardware for win11.


Hm, sounds as if Win 10 doesn’t like laptops then? I can relate to Windows Updates taking a while way too well as the bigger updates usually take 1-2 hours for me as I’m using a HDD instead of SSD.

If I’m not mistaken, Win 10 allows you to switch back to Win 7 or 8 for a short period (30 days or so) when you initially install it, so maybe you could try the Media Creation Tool and see if the problems still occur? After all, 1903 is from May 2019 and I’m sure something has changed since then. :slight_smile: