Game stuck on loading screen

alright, so my game has been like this for some time now. it started when i was doing a project and something was odd with my OneDrive so a few things happened and i found out that my AoE IV was copied into the OneDrive so i uninstall it, thought it was disconnected from my local files. and soon after that recycle bin got filled i stopped the entire process tried to restore, nothing happened.

so i uninstalled the game entirely, deleted the local files and copied the game from a friend that had the game. i try to open the game, Intro passes but game wont load pass this screen no matter how long i wait

so i thought maybe its a copy problem. i uninstalled it again. reinstalled it with internet. still nothing happened, tried to verify. re delete the files that caused the entire mess, nothing happened. for New Years my friends are planning on playing it again. now im just stuck with this doo doo thing i dont know what to do.

Thx for reading and hope someone can help me with this

alright after a few hours of finally seeing the problem. i found out OneDrive caused the entire thing since it kept on attempting to sync everything and AoE cant make changes or enter the files OneDrive is syncing.

Solution? since i dont use OneDrive other than the one time i needed it for a projecti simple uninstalled it from my Device, all is good and well. hopefully no one runs into this problem but if they do, hope this helps. Have a Good day y’all

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