Game suddenly crashed while in a match? A bug or a hacker?

I was playing a game in AoE 2 DE, and suddenly the game crashed. The game had already been updated to the latest patch awhile ago, and a new patch has yet to come out. I have played quite a few matches on each patch. This is the first time the game has crashed “while in a match”.

The game crashed just as i had destroyed the enemies gate on the map Hill Fort. The enemy had built a barracks in front of the gate. However, the enemy had not completely filled the space just behind where the gate used to be before it was destroyed. So there was a gap to the left which i took advantage of, and had my man-at-arms go in, and thereby enter the enemy base. Then the game suddenly crashed. The timing is quite suspicious, also, the lack of such a crash in-game, at any time prior, is also suspicious.

The game also crashes, during the “replay”. I have also heard that there are quite a few “hackers” in the asia region, and that causing a game to “intentionally crash” is a common occurence, or at least a viable method. So it should be noted, that the opponent had a name which consisted of the symbols “??? (insert a single random character from some asian language) ?”. So the entire name consisted of “four (4) question marks”, and a single asiatic lingustic symbol. I am not able to confirm the exacdt symbol, since i do not know any language other than english (and a few words from anime). :smiley:

If it is possible to upload the “replay”, then it shall be done. However, i currently do not know how to do so. Therefore i have not uploaded the replay. :smiley:

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You can upload replay here and get link to it (choose link instead of email on upload), which you can post in this topic.

That is not very helpful when one does not even knowwhere the replay file is even located?

It was so much simpler in the original version. It was just in the saved games folder. Now a replay cannot be found.

They are in saved games folder for me. You can open that folder with “Open saved games folder” button in savegames/replays screen.

What i meant was the actual file path when going into the C:/ drive. Presumably there would be a file location where the “replay” is stored. However, without being able to locate the actual file, without having to go into the actual game, it would not be possible to upload the “replay”, to any website.

I can view the “replay” while in the game, in the save/replay option, in the main menu. However, unless i am mistaken, to upload a file to a website, the actual location of the file, on the storage medium, either on a HDD, a SSD is required. So unless i know where the file is located, it cannot be uploaded. :smiley:

He just told you there is a button that does exactly that, it Opens the Windows Explorer and leads you exactly to the directory which stores the replays of games you played. If you are too lazy to open the game and click that button I can tell you the file path C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\somerandomnumbersID\savegame

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Crashes are just a new easteregg. They are normal and common. This is the state of this game. Just take a look at the report bug section…

Wrong. That message does not specify the exact method for accessing the “replay”. The message appeared to be stating, how to “view the replay”, and not how to access the actual file. It is possible that the message was, in fact, slightly ambiguous. However, the information appeared to explain how to access the files inside the game. Not how to access the files outside of the game.

When i tried searching for the files, in the C:\ drive, i searched in the Steamapps folder and could not find the save/replay files. :smiley:

Yes. However, i, myself, have never had the game crash while in a match. :smiley:

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How about you use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure? :smiley: