Game Time doesn't match real time

Game time in statistics is incorrect.
I started timing my age and total game time with my own time. The hours & minutes shown in post game statistics is always ahead by ~30 minutes.
Example - I finished a game in 57 minutes but post game statistics game time ~ 1hr 30 min.
Is this a bug or is there a purpose to not showing actual minutes and hour.

Apart from the fact that this is the wrong forum, my first question would be what game speed you have set? Because if you play at twice the speed of the game, the ingame time will be twice as fast.

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As @nostrodomosFU said, higher speeds than 1.0 will cause game time to be inaccurate compared to the “real” time.


1.7 speed means each in-game second is 1.7 faster than real time
Same goes for 1.5 and 2.0
Just 1.0 is the way to play exactly by time


Game speed “Normal” other options are Slow, Casual or Fast.
From the posts I have read the game “clock” is measured unit speed?

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Slow is x1.0 speed
Casual is x1.5 speed
Normal is x1.7 speed
Fast is x2.0 speed

So unless you are playing on slow, the game clock will be faster than real time because, well, the game is running faster.


Question how is the creation time calculated, with the slow speed?

all creation times are relative to the in-game timer.

A villager takes 25 in-game seconds to create whether you are on fast or slow speed, but 25 in-game seconds is equivalent to 12.5 real-world seconds if you’re playing on fast.


Easy answer we flex the time-space playing Age 2


I think the game timer has to remain as is, it’s good to be able to compare up times etc between games no matter what speed they were played on.


This is weird as I’m finding the opposite. I’ve been playing a game over a couple of weeks, mostly at slow speed, and it still only says I’ve played for 12 hours, when I’m sure it must be close to double that :thinking:

way too necro a thread with not even understand what it’s talking about.
It’s time spend inside a match, the time settings are as explained above corresponding to how fast the ingame timer for that given match runs, it’s it’s 1.0 for slow(nobody should really play on that), 1.5 for casual, 1.7 is what the standard setting is and where all official ranked matches are played on, and 2.0 is fast and what I believe death match is played on but I never played that, but I know that one of the game modes is played on that, the one were you start with a bunch of stuff already placed and in feudal.

ingame timer has no effect on anything outside of the game.

Well, that’s me told, then! :laughing:

Still doesn’t explain why the timer is slower for me than real time, though, when others are finding it is faster :thinking:

is your computer garbage? like can it just not handle Age of Empires 2 definitive edition? because if your computer struggles to keep the game running it may result in a slower progression of ingame time.