Game will never be balanced till siege is CAPED or nerfed health

The main issue with siege is they have WAY WAY to much health. Take way to long for Cav units to kill and there getting attacked as well.
Siege health should be half what it is now.

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Dude I think you’re doing it wrong. It takes like 6 torches to destroy a mangonel. That’s hilariously fragile. You must not even be trying.


Agreed I’m pretty sure this dude don’t play the game or he have 800 elo

cooperative players, it’s your time

Looks like some massive changes are incoming so we will see how that plays out. My idea pre pup was to make them cost 5 population instead of 3. It would make it so you either had to sacrifice some army or some eco to defend a huge siege mass. Maybe still something to think about