Game worked fine yesterday but now will not launch

Game Version:

  • Build: replaceme
    Microsoft Store
    Windows 10
  • Gamertag: kwyjibo36


Yesterday the game worked fine. Today it will not launch. I click ‘play’, the xbox for PC app minimises and then nothing happens at all. AOE1 works fine but not this one. Tried reinstalling to no avail. I’m not using the advanced graphics pack. Thanks in advance.

Try resetting it in system settings

Tried it. Thanks for the suggestion though

@JakeCherry97 @kwyjibo36 How do you even reset the game in Windows Settings (I’m guessing “Apps & Features”?) - I can only choose Uninstall there, and there’s no Advanced Options to click either. So since I can’t reset I can’t open my game at all :frowning: