Gamemode for retold?

Hello everyone, first of all, sorry if my english is not the best.
For Age of Mithology Retold I suggest a gamemode that can be extremely funny and competitve to play.
I dont know if you remember the campaign 13- Tug of war, where there was a relic from egypt, and you have to capture it, and bring it to your base before your opponent (i will try to attach some screenshoots).
This mode in coop vs AI or other human has to be so fun to play…

Video of the campaign

You mean “Tug of War”?
Which is a classical concept. Also a gamemode in many other games like Team Fortress 2.

The mission itself was kinda lame but the concept is generally cool.
Get one uncontrollable relic cart that automatically moves into the direction of the base of whoever controls it.

There should be some mechanic that makes it hard to just directly destroy the enemy base like in a normal skirmish match.
Maybe add a powerful statue into the players base that shoots lightning or something like that.

btw. if you can still edit the post you could add the “Tug of War” into the title so people know what you talk about.

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