Gameplay features i feel that should be improved\added

I want to keep this short and sweet, i play a game called “warrior kings: Battles”, this game is nearly 20 years old, for a 20 year old game it was a head of its time, to those who have played it you will know what I am talking about.

i think some of the features AOE4 could benefit from i will list below.

  1. realistic unit size, from what i have seen, this game would benefit most from this in terms of collision and just simple immersion.
  2. realistic accuracy realistic accuracy makes the game feel that much better, it also adds to the strategy of the game.
    3.units that have no combat ability should not have the option or even attempt to go into combat monks for instance.
    4.less generic buildings, each building should have its on style for its own faction, seeing a fortress from the Chinese alignment look the same as a fortress from the English alignment, with a few roof style changes and some ramparts, makes its a little boring.
  3. falling apart animations for siege units as well as actual units moving these objects would really improve the gameplay.
  4. better path finding.
  5. equal spread when units go into combat when clicking on an enemy.
  6. villagers automatically finding nearby resources when the one they are gathering has ran out, gold outcropping for instance. maybe a notification to tell you peasants needs a nearby mining shack (forgot their name).
  7. hold ground options, along with patrol options, guarding options (for military units).
  8. king units in later games that have special abilities based on the alignment you are using.
  9. higher population limits, optional inside the game setup tab.
  10. ranged units (gunners\archers) skirmish away from incoming melee units or cavalry.

that is my thoughts, i have done modding before for the title I mention above, with some of the features I added into that game, it became a really enjoyable and immersive game, its 17 years old and the only way you can tell is the graphics. age of empires 4 seems like a promising title and could be improved so much just with this small list of changes, most might feel different, but are we all not different from one and other :stuck_out_tongue: .

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