Gameplay ISSUES

Game Version:

  • Build (33164)
  • Platform (STEAM)

I come to report some of the most importants errors in the gameplay from AoE 2 DE, that __10_Maxi_Arg found it (He is a player that plays AoE since long time).

1 - The “aggressive” patrol units get distracted by hitting buildings even if they have enemy units in sight, so it becomes very difficult to attack with melee units within the enemy city, in the previous year this only happened if the units were in “hold ground” or if they did not have enemy units visible in the map range.

2 - When your ally has units in a tower you cannot see the garrisoned units, you can only see the flag above the tower that indicates that there is something garrisoned, so you can not ungarrison some units, it only allows you to ungarrison all the units together.

3 - If you ungarrison villagers from your town center very quickly and go to another action, the villagers never ungarrison, as if they had a slow response time.

4 - In some buildings such as the doors, you cannot see the villagers behind. The old game used to mark a shadow of the villager or unit behind the building.

5 - The “scroll speed” although this 100% is much slower than the previous AoE 2 of voobly, I think it could give more percentage of speed for those who are used to use it faster.

6 - Sometimes it automatically disconnects you from the servers in a game, warning in a sign that it has been disconnected from the server and check your internet connection, when my internet is 100% stable and in fact I was in discord speaking and I did not have any micro-cut or nothing like that, it just takes you out of the game (this almost happened to everyone sometime).