Gamer Legion 3v3, Viper Firelancer snipes Daut

Anyone interested watching 3v3 tem games? I found this game very entertaining to watch.

This is a Charity stream by Gamer Legion, watch the 2nd game it involves Viper using mass Fire Lancers to snipe Daut’s Landmarks.

You can see it from GL member’s twitch steams. I watched it from Nili and Jordan. In Nili’s stream match starts at 1 hour and 14 mins. It starts 1hour and 4 mins with Jordans stream.

Maybe watching will give us insight on state of how strong fire lancer snipes are.


On top of it it was badly executed by Viper and he had only like 30 + it was against Landmark with hugest amount of HPs (House of wisdom)

If he got only 20 more and went a bit around and not straight it would take a few seconds to destroy both wisdom+tc …

But yeah … u are gonna find even here on Forum some people defending FL and getting you ,super smart, ideas how to counter them and how they are on good spot and deffinetly not ruining entire experience of teamgames right now … Most of them are strictly one-civ Chinese players who cannot do nothing else than turtle for 20 mins and than snipe landmarks with ±80 FL.

(I expect someone to give me smart advice or fact like: Just push him bro or wall yourself or its low ELO problem only etc. etc. )

Can you post a link?