Game's in the worst state since launch

Hello, the game is at its worst moment since its release. Most of the players who played 1 year ago have stopped playing due to the huge amount of maphackers out there.

The balance in civilisations is also terrible. Certain strategies of some civilisations are practically unpunishable. With every new patch, you change a lot of things that affect civilisations a lot, and you have situations where certain civilisations that were unplayable are suddenly the best, or civilisations that were just fine are now unplayable.

More than a half of the matches I play is against premade of chineese people that is maphacking. Today, I’ve played 6 matches, and despite the people who simply quits in the first minutes of the game (happened 1 time today), I review every single match, only to discover, to no one’s surprise, that in almost in each of them there was someone cheating.

I think the game is at a point of no return, given that most of the community has simply stopped playing, and situations like someone maphacking, which used to be a very, very rare situation, nowadays what is rare is not finding anyone maphacking in a game.

On top of all this, the matchmaking has been broken for months. I have detected many situations where simply, despite there being no premade in front (all players played separately), the game assigns all players with the highest elo to the same team. This is something that has been said on the forum for many, many times, and has never been corrected.

For example, if you are diamond 1, you can get matchmaked with a gold III and a platinum III vs diamond 1, conq 1 and diamond 3. Happens a lot. Then you check if they are premade, and the conq 1 guy wasn’t premade, but you get the plat and the gold guy in the team.

Also, I can’t avoid the feeling that people cheating are getting away with it, while those of us who just want to play and have fun are being punished. For example, with the lax matchmaking system and lax banning system, it’s normal that over time you get to know which players are cheaters, however, if you try to skip the match, you’ll be punished.

Nowadays, playing a fun match, where the teams are balanced, and there is no cheating, is really difficult.

Talking about the technical part of the problem, near 3 years since the launch and we have still buggy unit paths, no reconnection, no match cancel when someone drops in team games, and more things that are basic for a multiplayer game nowadays. Also is very usual to get the infinite “Assigning teams” window, and if you just exit, you will get a penalty.


Cheating on essence engine gas been there since 2006 with coh1, they never fix it and with AOE IV being a more popular title, it just became more evident.

I had been looking forward to playing MP games again during the summer break but reading this post has got me worried. Are team games now really filled with all hackers?

Yes, big time.
And nothing is being done about it.
Rarely bans happen after reports and many people even go undetected and non-reported.
Until Microsoft/Relic introduce a powerful anticheat software - like league of legends software “vanguard” - you can not enjoy aoe4.
Full of hackers and cheaters.

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Almost a half of the matches I play someone is cheating, and I’d say 100% of FFA games.

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In diamond+ I see a hacker about once every tenth game. There are definitely hackers on the ladder but idk if it’s enough to expect it every time you queue.

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Usually when I play, I play from 3 to 5 matches, and in almost a match I find a hacker.

When you find premade of chineese people is more usual that one of them is hacking. And usually is a low level smurf account, who hacks and gives the info to the other teammates.

It is not in its worst moment, what happens now is that you are more aware of the hackers and it is true MatchMaking is improvable, but also the traffic has dropped a little.

Let’s hope for a patch in the next season that comments on all this and make good decisions.


Yes, I would recommend that you wait two years for the game to fully improve…

Just today I had 2 disconnections: One was a crash before starting a multiplayer game, and the 2nd was in the middle of another multiplayer game, the network connection was cut off.

With the reports that are given, I don’t know if it is a problem with the servers or if it really is what they say, hacking also causes disconnection of the enemy team. The thing must be investigated, so many disconnections discourage one from playing, and I even have a powerful machine.

Of course, I still like the game, but well, so many disconnections in a row, and not only from me, but from enemies or allies in multiplayer, out of nowhere, it’s not a coincidence.

True. No perma ban. In-game reporting is just not working at all. I’ve gotten used to someone staring at the fog looking for sheep.