Games keep crashing

games keep crashing

pls find my log below


Thanks for the files @Wooooosa :slight_smile:

I had the same problem for 3 weeks and did the following, NOW IT WORKS WITHOUT PROBLEMS:

Go in Steam and activate beta updates (see a random youtube video how it works).

Go to beta and type in the beta build:


It will download the old patch. Start the game, close, and go back to beta “none” so it will download the current patch.

After that 0 crashes.

Hope it works for you

but does it even work with the game obtained from the xbox store, or just the steam version?

I got steam and it works

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But if you play on the old patch, I thought you can’t match players on the current version in ranked, and so it will take forever for you to find games. Do you know if it affects ranked matching?

I tried to find a game, and I couldn’t find any lobby/player. But at least, the game was working. While I understand it wouldn’t be great for Xbox players, I wish they would advertise people about this fix. The only reason I can understand is they’re greedy and want to sell as many Xbox aoe2 as possible while not caring about people who already bought the game they broke. At least, without any reply from the dev about anything that’s how it felt.

Thanks a lot Ohio for sharing your solution. I tried it and I thought it was working (I was about to marry you), however, unfortunately - for me - it still crashes…
I did :

  1. Activate steam beta
  2. Going to AOE2:DE Betas → typed the key
  3. Choose the beta it unlocked (enhanced loggin)
  4. bis. It downloaded something
  5. Started the game, closed it
  6. Unselected the beta (back to none)
  7. bis. It downloaded back something
  8. Started a ranked game (with no hotkeys at start, and fuckin’ big trees) … it crashed after 3min :confused: didn’t have the time to lure my first boar…

So unfortunately no miracle solution :confused:
We’ll need to wait for an hotfix from the dev.
Hopefully it will come for Christmas 2023, giving how much they seem worried about the fact that they broke the game for their longlasting community (that buys every 10€ add-on), to unlock the game for a minority of xbox players (who will quit it after playing 5 custom games vs AIs). Smart business model.