Gamescom 2019

How many chances to hear more info on next AOE?


They said they would say something about AoE IV later this year. They could say something at gamescom or X019.

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IMO it would be a missed opportunity to make an AoE IV announcement at any event other than Gamescom.


Yeah, Gamescom Is the main PC Gaming conference.

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My prediction is that they will end Gamescom with some sort of AoE4 teaser.


Xbox will be at Gamescom, I think we can also hear about console PC cross platform for AOE4 with mouse and keyboard support for consoles.

Amen to that. I think it might be an AOE 3 teaser to be honest. And a new that “AOE 4 is going well!”

They already said that AOE4 Is going well. We’d like to see the First images.

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We’d like to see the First images.

I think you meant to say “Gameplay Trailers”

No, i mean First images. I don’t expect to see a gameplay trailer until next e3

I wish we could get some screenshots

They said exactly same thing for last years XO18 and it was really bad. They said that they have huge news for AoE fans, guess what it was nothing like huge. I like AoE2 DE and going to play it when it releases for sure. But I’m disappointed to not see anything about AoE4

They need to stop saying they have “big news” until they have something else to say about aoe4