Garrison unit(s) in walls

I wonder, if it would make sense (and be fun) to be able to garrison one or more not mounted units in a wall piece. If the wall piece then also shoot arrows, when it is an archer or villager, it would be like a manned wall.
For competitive play it has to be somehow restricted behind a tech or something. What are your toughts?


It’s probably not technically possible in the AoE2 engine.
Also it’s one of the big selling points for AoE4 and they probably don’t want other games to have it too because of that.

AoE4 didn’t solved a thing about units on wall

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I love this idea!

Units on Walls to defend our Town!!!

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Terrible idea it will need a lot more things to balance.


Shooting arrows might be a little strong, but I don’t see any reason a villager couldn’t hide in a wall. This could be much like Khmer villagers jumping into houses to avoid enemy military. It would also be interesting if they could ungarrison on the other side without needing a gate (much like Khmer). I would not expect much for visual, possibly just a garrison flag on that wall piece.

It’s a reasonable suggestion, but I can’t think of a way to implement it that doesn’t have issues.

If units can’t shoot from walls, then I think it would rarely be useful – probably mostly used to hop a unit over a wall.

If units can shoot from walls, then it would have to be locked behind a tech in at least Castle Age, since otherwise it would allow for a super cheap tower rush – especially for Mayans.

Even if it’s locked behind a tech, I think either walls will supercede towers (which are already a bit niche) or it won’t be useful. In particular, when the tech comes in, it would be late enough in the game that you’d have enough units that garrisoning them in individual wall segments would be awkward.

I don’t know how AoE4 deals with any of this, though, so presumably there’s something I haven’t thought of.

Yea, I see your points.
Hopping through walls would be really a bad side effect and some how awkward. At the moment I don’t know a good solution for that problem.
For balancing:

  • only one unit per wall piece
  • shoots only one arrow, when a foot archer is garrison.
  • lower range than tower and castles (starts with 5 or 6 range to max 8 or 9 range)
  • max damage of 5 per arrow
  • needs fortified wall tech
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You guys have completely ignored how to counter units on walls.
Eg. What happens when the piece of wall will siege units target unit on the will melee units counter these units on walls.

There are no units “on” the wall, it would work like garrison units in TCs, castles or towers. Units will just left the building, if it has taken to much damage.

An interesting alternative would be to allow walls to be constructed like cliffs so that units above would get a few bonuses but still be targetable.

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But which side would be the “higher” side? Could also be very hard to implement.

That just makes walls towers without an attack right?

I really would love units on walls feature, but honestly, I find impossible to translate it in an elegant way to Aoe2’s engine, and your idea it is too exploitable.

I think the genie engine already calculates this with cliff placement, so if a player could build a “cliff/wall”, then they would just have to be mindful of the way it’s facing when placing the foundation.

I think copying Stronghold 1’s model would be best, but as someone’s suggested on another thread, making walls take ages to build/knock down but also capturable in order to stop players from spamming them. It would also make palisades a viable option for quick but fragile defences

Best way solve is have gates be accesse to walls.

Then question comes down to trap units in wall or able exit at end.

One ways you can add new wall type that has doors on the end as well so you don’t have to worry about it be trap.

So enters in gate and exit in gate if unit in between gates that are destroyed they trap till you make gate.

If unit is wall gets destroyed they instantly die

yep, and walls can be destroyed in a second xD
Bombards annihilate the walls