Garrisoned Rams gain melee armor

What if garrisoned rams gain +1 melee armor every two infantry units garrisoned in it?
Reaching a max of 3 which result ram’s melee armor in 0. This, over the boost in attack and speed.



Garrisoning militia can gain more melee armor or speed.

You say that ungarrisoned militia have an armor of speed boost?

I mean rams garrison with militia should have more melee armor or speed than halbs.

How will this affect the indian factions who dont have the rams?wont they be at a disadvantage?

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Well, these factions already can improve armor of elephants by blacksmith upgrades.
Maybe the melee armor increasing in garrisoned rams could only apply with militia-line.
If you want the armor boost you need to train the units which is more expensive than bs upgrade and only affects one ram. In this aspect armored elephant surely have the adventage