Garrisoning a Unit

Game Version: 201.101.32500.0

  • Build ( ? 201.101.32500.0)
  • Platform (Steam)


Unable to Garrison 1st Militia unit created.
Playing “William Wallace Campaign” Training scenario.
Built barracks and started creating 4 Militia.
Right-clicked Town Center from barracks so units would garrison directly in TC as created.
1st Militia went to TC and just stood there without going into TC.
Attempted to use “G” key & Right-click from Unit to effect TC garrisoning.
That failed. Tried to use “G” & Right-click to garrison unit in barracks.
That also failed.
Next 3 Militia were directed to immediately garrison in the barracks.
They did garrison in the barracks.
The described steps did work when I played AoE2-DE during Closed Beta.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create Militia in barracks.
  2. Designate Town Center as unit destination.
  3. Select created unit which is not in a building.
  4. Right-click {or use “G” in unit block} building {TC or Barracks} in which to garrison unit.
  5. ?? Fails ??

To clarify, the following Options were selected {checked}:
“2-Button Mouse”
ALL “Control” options, including “Right Click Garrison”

In the WW Research scenario, using Right-click from a selected unit DID enable Garrisoning into Town Center.