Garrisoning and attacking through walls

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.35584.0 4714640
  • Platform - Steam


When buildings are close to, or slightly overlapping walls, units are still able to interact with them (garrison or attack). It appears that you can garrison through ‘diagonal’ and ‘straight’ walls, and attack through ‘diagonal’, but not through ‘straight’.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a ‘diagonal’ wall going north to south
  2. Create a castle right up against the wall
  3. Approach the castle from the other side of the wall
  4. You will be able to garrison your units

Video Reference:
Note that in the last portion of the video, I am demonstrating that you can’t attack through ‘straight’ walls


Yes, this has been a very important feature for a long time in the game: Trying to change it/fix it would probably break some core settings.

Just how the game works and will be working in the future too. I admit, to someone who is new to the game, this might seems very stupid, but dealing with this for 20 years I can’t see the issue myself, I just know how it works and when to take advantage of it. :sunglasses: Also has likely a lot to do with the fact that the game is on a 2d squareplane and not a hexagonal one.

Ah, understood. @Hardform / @nhoobish should I just delete the post?

Don’t delete it, it can be classified both as a bug and a feature depending on perspective. It feels very unrealistic and glitched to me. It seems to be the case of bug becoming a feature by being in game for a long time, so that people get used to it. But that doesn’t stop it being a bug IMO.

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I still wouldn’t call it a bug because it is simply an issue of the game being played on a square layout and not a hexagonal one, although the wall appears to have a width that is going over the edges at the corners of the square, in reality it only looks like it does. You also cant walk inside the empty space in the diagonal wall square, cause it’s not really empty. Buildings take the whole square they are placed on. The garrisoning over a wall on the other hand is a bit funny even now but I’ve also grown to accustomed to that too.

But also, do not remove it simply because anyone else wondering of the same thing can come here and read up.

This is a technical detail. From my perspective as a player I see unit attacking through wall or garrisoning over wall which does not make sense from real life perspective and so I treat it as bug even knowing why it technically happens.


Interesting, just saw Viper’s take on this :grimacing:

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Yes, it makes no sense from real world perspective. Thankfully you can garrison over wall into tower, but not out of it. So the enemy can’t just build tower next to your wall and use it for jumping over your wall :slightly_smiling_face:

You cannot jump over walls in your enemies base, you can only jump back once you are in