Garrisoning relics in player controlled monastery in scenario editor

Hello, I would like to know how to garrison a relic in a monastery while using scenario editor without having a monk with relic, placing relics on the ground and having monks pick them and garrison them after the game starts or having a gaia controlled monastery garrisoned with relics convert to you. Since the relic is under gaia tab, it cannot be click garrisoned in a player controlled monastery. (I know about the create garrisoned object trigger but its so tedious that way)

Did you figure out?

If you did I would like to know too :slight_smile:

there is a garrison in building trigger

to be honest though Im still kinda more use to the HD editor, I havnt used DE as much an i noticed there is way more options to choose from

Thank you

I am not familiar using triggers

If you have a link or a way I figure out how to use, please let me know.



I made a youtube video for you
just now so itll tak like 5 min to upload

I love editor stuff so if you made any cool maps or campaigns and run into problems feel free to send me them I love to work on them. I am not a modder though that stuff is just too high level.


Thank you, I highly Appreciated :slight_smile: