Garrsion Camel Scouts

I feel I will love this unit. Finally a unit that can make scout rush civs cry like the Magyars. Seems like a good anti-scout rush civ with camels to melt away some annoying scout rushes. Which will in turn counter the build order robot players into scouts.

Scouts will feel fear not from spearmen, but from camels.

That + the mill mechanic = you’re probably getting m@a rushed every game. You decide if that’s what you prefer.

Still, it will shutdown at least one type of rush.

In that case going archers will be super strong even as Gurjaras
MaAs are trash
MaAs cant kill a single vill if youre careful

Man-at-Arms are slower moving, and have a heavy cost in food and gold in the early game as well.

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Here the problem your build order was meant for Camel and you are going straight archers going Camel scout require A lot of commitment and adding walls and spearmen will keep you save from a scout rush with little eco investment allowing you to quickly reach castle age and punish their feudal aggression