Gather resources of destroyed buildings?

When I saw a big pile of rubble for a fallen monastery today, it got me thinking:

  • What if destroyed castles left a pile of stone that could be gathered by any player’s villagers?
  • The amount of stone left would be a percentage of the stone cost of the building. 50%? Not sure how much yet.

Personally, I’d probably only want this for castles. No other buildings. Otherwise, the map could get pretty messy with rubble/clutter lying around forever, and too many resources just lying around everywhere. To have it just for castles, though, I thought might be interesting.

Most players don’t focus on stone too much, but the ones who do (like me in my single-player/co-op non-ranked games) might appreciate it since there isn’t always a plethora of stone lying around, and it might be an interesting gameplay layer.

For other buildings, I might get convinced, but I’m not there yet. I could maybe see it as villagers picking through rubble, essentially… like they’re looting or something. Maybe even don’t require drop-off buildings for this one special type of resource gathering.

In a way, it would be the ultimate ‘ouch’ to the player who is losing, to see the enemy’s villagers gathering up scrap lumber and stone (and gold?) from their destroyed buildings. Or if an attack is repelled, it might be neat to be able to get some of your spent resources back from the fallen structures. Possibly at a slower gather rate than normal, too; but with the benefit of not having to carry back to gather points.


^-- I know this is showing a monastery rubble. But imagine a similar heap of stone from a fallen castle. That’s what I’m talking about. The castle rubble wouldn’t disappear on its own, and wouldn’t need to be this pronounced. More subtly/artistically implemented would be nice.


It might make an interesting mod, but it wouldn’t be balanced for regular gameplay. It would also be annoying having destroyed buildings be solid unpassable objects like this.


I would say destroyed Castles and Wonders should be eligible for resource collection. Wood and stone collection.


It could be interesting. I’d love to see it implemented as a map feature and put into the random map pool one cycle.

As @TheConqueror753 pointed out, it could lead to significant problems with pathing and rebuilding.

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I like the idea

I would also include stone walls in addition to Castles and Wonders.

I agree, however in war when a building falls still in the way of troop’s movement, that part I like, so to solve the issue we may need the ability to continue destroying the rubles to get them out of the way… in other words, if you stop attacking as soon as the building collapse you can gather the stones, but if you continue attacking the pile of ruble disappears.

In that way you get both options

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Imagine your villagers could gather stone from enemy walls until they collapse :smile:.


That could be an option…it may not be a “Good” option, but it would not be out of context for villagers to use the old fortification walls/stones for their own porpoises…:thinking:

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I was thinking the piles of rubble would be traversable, actually. Just a pile of rubble that anyone could walk over. But if you right-mouse a villager(s) on it, they would start gathering from it. They would be in the middle of the rubble, working and picking away at it

In this respect, it would feel a bit like a farm. Units can walk over farms okay

Good point. But I think just make it so you can build over the rubble as you currently can, no problem. This might be a decent defensive strategy to prevent enemy from taking the resource, too.

Definitely some things to iron out. Like, does the pile deteriorate/fade away over time on its own, so the map isn’t cluttered with debris piles forever?