Gbeto - Balance Poll

Are you surprised to know that Gbetos, a unit with

  • 30HP
  • 0 base Pierce Armor

cost EXACTLY as much (50F 40G) as Keshiks, units with:

  • 160HP
  • 4 Armor
  • 8 Pierce Armor
  • 1.54 speed
  • Gold Generation and
  • hill bonus?

AND DOUBLE the gold than the alternative everyone goes for, the Malian Champions which also boast of

  • 70HP
  • 4 Armor
  • 8 Pierce Armor
  • +8 vs Eagles
  • Train from Barracks
  • Gbetos are perfectly balanced and need no changes.
  • Gbetos are too frail for their cost, HP buff needed.
  • Gbetos are too costly in Gold.
  • Gbetos are too frail, A/PA buff needed.
  • Gbetos should attack as fast as Thumb ring archers(1.7s fire rate instead of 2s)
  • Gbetos could move faster as a buff.
  • Gbetos frame delay should be 0 as a buff
  • What? Gbetos should be nerfed!

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none, they need their frame delay reduced to usable levels, I’ve heard pros complaining about it too


You seriously compare the unit to a totally different unit, the keshiks? Not to mention keshiks are op.


Gbetos are essentially the Malians HCs, but faster and benefit from more Armour.

They are fine, and perhaps just a bit more projectile speed would help them.

On the other hand, Malians are doing great and have remained the Top1 1650+ ELO civ throughout this whole month, with a brutal 59.46% winrate.


Frame Delay. Would be a really good support unit.


Agreed. 0 frame delay is too fast. Especially since the faction is doing so well as it is.


But you cannot deny the fact they are a bit too costly now especially with Malians getting +3PA Supplies Champs now
I mean 50F 40G? Press F for Gbetos too, like half of the other UUs

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Maybe, but I also know that at best right now I’d give the gbeto a very minor buff. Malians are in a good spot.


They are possibly a bit fragile, but i wouldn’t reduce their cost. They are really good raiders with arson and being able to kite like that. That’s why if anything +5 hp or 5 frame delay. I think races like goths already struggle against them… And mali has a pretty good eco + farimba cav


Gbetos are not a core unit for your army. They’re raiders and ram killers, and fill their roll perfectly good. Plus, malians lacks halbs, so micring gbetos to elephants is an option too. Malians have good cavalry and the most-saw-in-pro-tournaments champions. And a decent eco bonus. Malians are more than fine.


Gbetos are fine, with their high attack and speed just a small group can raid the eco, kill infantry and cavalry alike, and even buildings when there are enough of them, with about 20 of them in castle you can even snipe TC.

They can also be used as support for your good infantry, or as an emergency unit to protect you castle and base from siege.

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Attack delay 1.2 is too much. That’s why I don’t like to play with Gbeto. Rest is OK. Malian has better option to play. Good infantry and cavalry.


I think you realized by now that the examples at the start of the thread are absolutely terrible.
By that logic you could argue for Bombard Cannons needing a huge buff because they cost more than a War Elephant, but don’t even have 1/4 of their defensive power (even non Elite - WTF?).

I think, as mentioned here before, there is an argument to be made to reduce their frame delay (0 is pretty dangerous and very likely a bad idea). I’d really like that, as I think it’s a cool unit design and I’d love to see them a lot more.
They also suffer indirectly (but quite a lot) from the bad pathing for melee units, because they are a lot better against melee units than they are against ranged units - possibly that’s even their biggest problem right now.


Gbeto are a really strong unit early castle age, that is difficult to counter without decent range unit. They don’t need any buff in my humble opinion.

Knights counter them and you’ll always outnumber them because Gbetos are castle units


Pikes? With extra armo for archer?

Why are they so much more gold than throwing axeman? I think that’s the closest unit type. Both units have range but do melee and train in the same amount of time. One is faster and stronger but squishier the other is slower and weaker but more durable. Gbeto is 40 gold. Throwing axeman is 25 gold. In my eyes they should be about the same cost. They have the same ranged melee attack but are mirror opposite in stats.


Gbeto are a support unit, they can dish out some good ranged melee damage while being a small investment, even their elite upgrade is among the cheapest. I would say for a UU they are solid and pros often go for them when playing Malians. They are an important part of Malian army composition and overall very well designed. However I also have to agree that they seem to cost too much for the stats they offer, lowering their price a bit would be the best way to buff them. Lowering their frame delay would make them more versatile, as of right now you don’t exactly micro with them so I think that could also be ok but I think a cost reduction would fit the unit better. A faster fire rate on the other hand could be too strong. Keep in mind they are not meant to be a power-UU like Conqs or Mangudai.


You compare the stats of a castle age Gbeto with no upgrades to a fully upgraded imperial age Keshik. What a clown post…


Is it possible you’re using them wrong? They shouldn’t be standing in to take fights… they should be hitting and running.