Gbeto's should get a new creation sound

It just seems really weird. They are female units, with female voice lines, but their creation sound is still the male sounding one of all other military. I guess it makes sense for consistency with all units creating with the same sound, but it is a bit strange. What do people think?

Does the female villager have a different creation sound?


I don’t think so, but villagers can be either male or female randomly. Gbeto’s are the one unit that is solely female, unlike villagers or flemish militia.

Then the default unit sound is fine as it is.


Are flutes a boy thing now?


Does it sound like a flute to you? Interesting. I always hear it as a male vocalization of something sounding like “He-hau”, if I had to spell it, with a sword being drawn overlayed on top.

If you mean the military unit creation sound, it’s definitely a flute

That’s pre DE though. I couldn’t easily find a DE one, but I guess I can record one later maybe.

Are you sure you aren’t using the event mod with the AoE1 unit creation sound? Because that’s what your description sounds like to me.



seriously? I have to make 20 characters for a post?

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Is it this you are hearing?
Age of Empires II DE - Age of Empires I Military unit creation sound - YouTube