General/Field Marshall/Hero

If I remember correctly in “Rise of Nations”, there was/is a category for a General and/or hero who could give extra “strength”, “hit points” to fighting units for a period of time. There is a precedent in the current AOE II DE, priests can heal units in their vicinity, so they can fight on a little longer. Could a such unit such as a General be added in some future update?

I would recommend that you could not access this unit until you were at the Imperial age with a university (add an Academy such as in Age of Empires). In addition the General/hero unit would need to recharge. Also the cost of the unit should be quite expensive. Just a thought, I think it would add a certain dimension to the game.

Thank you

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General units aren’t a good idea because they scale with unit power, so units with more power will be the ones most effective. IE - paladin civs, elephant cvs, and civs with great ranged units would benefit the most.


I think they’re a neat idea for a mod, but for official unit balance they’re not good. AoE2 doesn’t need a generals mechanic; if it functioned the same as in RoN such as giving more armor (or for some generals specific combat stats, like how the monarch gave cavalry units even more attack and armor) it would make unbreakable post imp armies to the point where not having a general would be the difference like it is in RoN.
It’s a decent mechanic itself but AoE2’s combat is a lot more micro oriented and introducing such a macro battle element would completely shake up post imp and it isn’t really necessary

Additionally, I tried replicating the idea in one of my earlier mods and engine-wise they’re not supported. You can’t make units with an area-of-effect buff