General unit balance proposal

in my opinion, the unit selection is very one-sided, especially in late game. Most nations use only a maximum of 2 unit types, usually cannons and their best special unit. This is extremely boring

almost always a good choice, can only be stopped by masses of spearmen


  • Increase house consumption
  • Low price increase
  • Decrease charge damage
  • (Move to AgeIII for French, like mongols after beta)

Spear fighter
too little armor, obsolete in late game


  • Implement auto negation of knight charge
  • Technology to increase armor

currently has only a niche function in age2, can’t fight (masses of) archers effectively enough


  • takes only half of archer damage while on the move
  • implement snare function (like in AOE3) against archers and villagers

way too powerful in lategame. while trebuchets only do damage to buildings and mangonels only to units, canons can just kill everything. just mass them up late game and kill all with your deathstack


  • reduce hp by a lot
  • give melee infantry and horsemen bonus damage against them
  • reduce damage against units (like nest of bees after beta)

new unit - Hellebardier
We need a heavy armored melee infantry in the late game (AGEIV) to keep the paper scissors principle going


  • good armor
  • low base damage
  • high bonus damage against cavalry