Generated Map Functions/Guide

I have been attempting to follow Generated Map Basics – Age of Empires Support while working on my generated map module. I cant seem to find additional information on the function PlacePlayerStartsDivided it says to “Refer to the generated map template for a more detailed explanation” but I cant find the map template that lists that function.

Also, the screen shots for distribution show specific attributes in the map_gen\map_gen_layout. However these are all missing from my modules file as well as the template used to create my module. the selectable_map_sizes can not be found in my file.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I have searched for guides, however, have not found anything strong. Yes, the video ‘any1 can map’ is helpful to understand the very basics.

I was able to find answers thanks to Adne and the Discord server for map_gen\map_gen_layout. I am not sure about the supplied screen shot but you can add these values by right clicking on default_map_size_tuning_overrides and add each map size. you can copy the nodes from the skrimish_maps to make it easier.

I found my answer for PlacePlayerStartsDivided. If you browse to [install location]\Age of Empires IV\Content\cardinal\archives and open data.sga. You can extract map_setup.lua from the terrain library folder. This file will have the full function and a limited explanation on how to use it.