Genitour need Speed Buff

Genitour is too slow (speed: 1.35), need the same speed like a CA to catch him (speed: 1.4)


Genitour need something, they are used to counter archers yet I’ve maybe once seen them used in a pro game. If they aren’t useful for their only use then there’s a problem :slight_smile:


Agree the speed of the unit is pathetic
Raise that to 1.45 so they finally gain that wanted role in the berber army
Btw same thing is for Arambai.


It won’t change anything but okay.

The unit lacks a purpose considering Berbers have FU Skirms and a Camel Archer.


Increase the speed and the base damage, reduce the food cost and the archer bonus

mmm no, the cost is ok, maybe the speed and the speed atack

Why do you make them instead of Skirmisher?

Skirmishers have the same speed as Archers, so in my opinion it’s only reasonable that Genitours should have the same speed as Cavalry Archers.
If this isn’t enough they should lower their food cost from 50 to 45. I fear buffing Genitours too much because Berbers are in a good spot already and don’t need major improvements.


I believe we have nothing to fear.
Genitours are really bad units, I believe no amount of buffs would make them more played when Berbers have discounted cavalry, Camel Archers with great training time thanks to Kasbah and FU Skirmishers.


genitours could get a small anti cav bonus damage like genovese crossbowmen to reflect that they were historically used to counter berber cav.

so +2 anti cav and +3 anti cav for elite.
assuming genitour shoots an cavalry unit euqal or greater armor than the genitours damage, then the unit will do 2and 3 for elite dmage per shot instead of just 1. (and no, it would not be 1 +2 or 1+3 because the normal damage is completely negated by the armor and the minimum damage of 1 is appplied afte bonus damage is taken into consideration, thats the reason organ guns +1 bonus damage against ram does completly nothing)

think 1.45 even better so it wont get hit by camels

I will retake the Genitour topic, I found this:
Standard Genitour lacks attack bonus vs cavalry archers, it should get at least +2 and increase the elite one to +4, on top of that they need to be faster.


your playing DM so elite Genitour is free otherwise you can save on the elite skirm upgrade.

no they don’t, Genitour is a unit you would rather be a bit underpowered than OP. If overbuffed, in Imp it would become a trash cav archer with 4+4 attack and due to mobility, extremely annoying to play vs if you are forced into trash vs trash wars.