Genuine question to the detractors about regional architecture and units

Ok so I have to ask this of all the people who constantly shoot down any discussions about independent regional units and architecture on the basis that the game becomes hard to read, did you guys ever actually play those independent unit and architecture mods during the HD years? Because I did and got used to the new units pretty quickly, and granted those were not even made by professional artists hired by the game who could arguably make readability even more of a priority when designing the new units. These arguments are so persistant yet I always find it very hard to believe that readability would be as much of an issue as people would make it.

So once again, did you ever actually try those mods and then decide that readability was hard or are you just assuming readibility will be hard?

Its still burdensome for new players, and a lot of peoplr actually prefer how easy it is ro read units. Its onr of the reasons people enjoy age 2 over other similar games.

Far as im concerned you have have all the skins you want but client side only should alwsys he the case.

Its a win win for both sides so i dont see what your issue with it is.

And yes. I did use them before and still stand by this argument.

Genuine counter question: why after ovdr 20 years with things the way they are should they force unit skin changes on everyone?

Simply making unit skins a client side only option works best for evetyone.
Want unit skins? Okay go ahead.
Dont want them? Okay dont download them.

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Well because I think it would be better for the game, but that is my opinion and I understand its a contentious one.

Yea I fully agree with this and have said in the past it doesn’t need to be a hardcoded for everyone, but still we are not getting even this and I assume from the point of view of the devs that might even be more work than making it the same for everyone but admittedly I don’t know for sure and am just guessing.

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Look how long it took to gef in game map pool voting, and thats something id say is universally agreed is a good idea

As for how much work it would be, i dont think it would be that much seeing as they do something similar every event.