Georgian Fortified Church - A False Advertisement

Civ bonus says villagers within 10 tiles work faster. But look at the range indicator. It’s 8 tiles.

I don’t know if it’s a wrong indicator, or a wrong civ description. Unless devs coded it the way that the radius is from center of the building rather than its edge, which is inconsistent with other building range bonus like caravanserai or Celt castle.

it’s a square that’s 19x19 tiles, that’s close enough to a 10 tile radius

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As I said that’s not how any existing bonus works. Check caravanserai.


yeah it’s strange. i’m still of the opinion that they should remove all aura effects


So you’re saying that to get a description that matches the effect, they’d have to say “within a 9.5 tile radius”.

I note that Caravanserai description is “in a 10 tile radius”, which also works out to 8 tiles from the edge (though of course neither is a real radius as a square).

Maybe someone with the PUP can test whether the last 0.5 actually provides the effect or not, and compare it carefully to Caravanserai regarding unit collision size.

Even if it’s just a 19x19 square, that’s still more area (361) than a 20-diameter circle (314). An arrow range-type rounded square, which is the four quadrants of a circle and a cross, with cross lengths of 20, would have area of (17/2)^2*π + 3^2 + 3*17*2 = 338. But someone should test the 0.5 border.

I think that simply not needing extra lines (since it overlaps with grid) is worth any confusion about accuracy of the description. People who use grid lines don’t need even more lines to make their game look ugly.

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I’ve been using a tooltip mod that gives accurate description, so I thought this is a mistake.

This is huge miscommunication from the devs. When we draw the range indicator for TC it is counting from the edge, not center. They should be consistent.

Square makes sense tho. Consider folwark. It would be super awkward to work with circles in such scenario