German architecture

The current architecture that Germans using which are completely wooden, is not accurate buildings at all. Germans buildings has always been stone or timber framed. If it is not possible to create a new architecture, at least give them western european models which are British-Dutch-French are using so it will be more accurate than ever. Thanks in advance.


Russians and Germans the same architecture - this is laziness. Both Germans and Russians have their own unique architectural styles.

Poles could use the current architecture of Russians and Germans - of course with their own new buildings.

Would love to see something like this.

After other issues are solved though. Like balance and bugs. Unless there’s enough manpower in the 3D design department :slight_smile:

German architecture is the quintessence of Western European style.
I also dream about it:

Russian architecture looks just fabulous. It is a pity that two such distinctive and beautiful styles have been replaced by a boring “Eastern European style”:

Russians and Germans the same architecture - sure …

This also applies to other civilizations, but only in this case the difference is colossal. This is not Western Europe where the architecture was almost the same.

They should redesign all the European units and put their IRL clothes on. This copy-paste stuff isn’t great… Also Sweden and Germany have the same barracks, stables, artillery foundry, arsenal… etc etc.