German Pandours Broken

Germany’s ageIII 13 pandour mercenary shipment completely breaks the game and the concept of skirm wars. Here’s why:
They do well vs HI, they shred skirms, on top of that they’re fast, have high range resist and HP.
This clearly should be an ageIV merc shipment, the pandour is a mercenary version of schiavone, which itself IS an age4 unit. They’re basically cannons with mobility.
Germans already have access to jaegers.
This gives them an unfair advantage overall and especially vs civs like France, Dutch, Spain, etc. that rely on skirms to counter Germany’s hefty war wagons and skirm mass.
In addition to everything afore mentioned, they can use stealth, and they have multipliers vs villagers.
All of this is good reason to move the 13 pandour shipment to age IV.
Please remedy this.


Totally agree, they counter goons, skirms, and heavy infantry from long-range and are fast-moving with very high HP.

And 13 of them in age 3 for that cheap? It’s madness.

Needs to be in age IV and reduce the amount down to 10 and speed down to 4.25.

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Increases the price of up to 800 or 1000 coins (500 currently).

10 de ellos en edad IV por 500 de monedas? seria el peor envio de 4 edad cada panduro vale 185 de oro y eso seria 1850 de oro y si terminas pagando 500 de oro solo daria un envio de 1350 recursos, cuando el estandar es 1600, ademas hay envios que superam por mucho ese valor, yo creo que deberia estar en 3ra y valer 1500 de oro

Pretty sure it’s supposed to cost 1000 gold like all the other merc shipments in Fortress age, so it’s most likely a bug or oversight.


Is this. A error probably.

11 pandours, 185x11= 2035 (- 1000 = 1035 res)

For Germany = 13 (not uhlans)

I’ve commented on it since day one, multiple times here and on reddit.

I am a German main, and I was going to shut up for not throwing stones at my roof, this is the most powerful sending of age III, it has even been banned (along with the card feitorias) in the new tournament for pro players.


me pregunto si alguien si quiera jugara portugal despues de que nerfeen feutorias, los japoneses tienen 20 santuarios (21 con el toshogu) y a nadie se le ve que se este quejando

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this card is bugged yes, should cost 1k coin and not 500

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No deberia ser un nerf desproporcionado, supongo que un nerf progresivo porque el problema aparece con multiples tc’s.

No seré yo quien defienda a Japón. Siempre he preferido que obtengan un ligero buff de velocidad para el juego temprano (que es su unica debilidad) y nerfear algunas de sus muchas ventajas injustas de juego tardío.

Disregarding the 500c bug, I still believe it’s a game breaking III shipment and should be moved to IV for the reasons listed, wouldn’t you agree?

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yo lo que tenia pensado es que le quiten el goteo de xp y en lugar de producir 0,60 de comida produjera 0,90 (el 0,30 de oro y madera se mantienen) ya que portugal sufre mucho por la falta de comida

ye i don’t like either the shipment for ger, especially when they already has 12 jeagers

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doesnt russia also have a 11 pandours shipment, though I guess it might matter less since skirm isnt something you want to make against russia

I’m not sure which civs have pandour shipment, but the point is it should be an age IV shipment or completely removed, as it’s too strong to be an age3 shipment.

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This is sure to be a Breeze technique to finally destroy the semi ff goon skirm gang

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Pandour is an age3 merc unit. Why move to age 4. The real one is mameluke which is an age 4 merc with age4 stats. And they can be sent in age 3 by some civs.