German Shipments - Instead of Uhlans

Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.

But answer this, is “Instead of Uhlans, you get [insert X mercenary]” Supposed to mean something? I thought it was supposed to actually give the mercenary unit as a shipment reward instead of Uhlans when sending shipments.

But despite sending a shipment after using the card, it still gives Uhlans.

It means it get extra mercs with your merc shipment instead of getting uhlans with it. For example when some civs have a 10 jaeger shipment, Germany has a 12 jaeger shipment.


Yeah, that makes sense. Feels a tiny bit underwhelming haha, thank you! Would actually be nice if it said 3 + 1 or 7 + 2. Just to really hammer it down, I think I’ve always confused it with it replacing the Uhlans per shipment.


Hmm…maybe this could be a possible switch to Wallenstein’s Contracts technology.
Once researched instead of receiving Uhlans, you receive mercenaries from homecity when you send your cards.

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It would be cool if the Winged Hussars card replaced all the future Uhlans with Winged Hussars.


I know many people who have not understood this “Instead of Uhlans, you get X unit” subtlety. And yes, when we understand it, it’s underwhelming :sweat_smile:

I’ve always been bothered by these obligatory ulhans. It forces you to always play the Germans with cavalry strategies. A card that would really replace them with something else (mercenaries, infantry) would be really interesting.

I am also very disappointed with the ability of the Germans to use mercenaries. The Dutch (with a politician) and the Swedes have become much more attractive than them (while in the original game, the Germans were the civilization specialized in mercenaries…)

I hope we will have a good rework of the Germans soon. This civilization is really badly designed imho.


Uff, not sure…those units look really strong.

I am satisfied that:

  • Let’s receive the shipment of the new winged hussars.

  • Add new military shipments of natives from their corresponding royal houses.

  • Make wallenstein contracts viable and promote the use of mercenaries. (For me the big problem with this strat is the lack of xp).


Increasing tavern build limit would solve the last problem.
US got two taverns. Swedes use every barracks/stable as tavern. Africans got 4 or 5. Now Italians got 6 lombards + 2 taverns + 3 basilicas which were effectively unique semi-taverns.

Now old European and Asian civs having only one tavern is pathetic and basically wipes out merc gameplay.


US and Mexico have up to 3 Saloons.
Sweden still needs to send the shipment first.

And basilica isn’t a Tavern at all, it doesn’t train units, It’s like having a few extra cards in your deck that don’t use shipments. There’s no extra queue from having another basilica.

Yes so I called them “semi” taverns.
But lombards are effectively taverns and they got 6 of them…