Germanic roman empire bug

Since a couple of weeks ago, I can never finish the Crushing Victory mastery. I was able to finish it but when I closed the game and reopened it I got to do it again, strange thing, and no matter how much I repeat it again I can never finish it, the mastery is to kill 50 enemies with lanskenetes, and I have managed to kill only with those units up to 200 and nothing there is no way, it must be some kind of bug. I need help, greetings.

Hey @Neo5730! Would you mind screencapping which Mastery you are having a problem with?

Have you tried to see if you are able to finish the next Mastery? I’m wondering if it’s more of a progression issue or a UI issue.


I already managed to do it, the problem was that it made elite lanskenets, and you have to do the mastery with the normal ones. It should be specified well, since I had to search a lot in the forums because they couldn’t do it.

Thank you @Neo5730! I’m glad you were able to manage successfully. I feel your frustration and I’ll take it to the team. Much appreciated!