Germans Imperial Age up "Rev"

What if, in addition of the Age IV normal revolutions, we had an additional choice: make Age up to Imperial a choice between Prussia, Austria, Bavaria and Bohemia.

Today I suggested this on a Reddit post asking about revolutions, but in Germans civ we don’t need more revolutions, and as the devs already said they won’t split Germans, so would be nice to have the choice of which Empire will you be.

The HRE came to an end in the XIX century, precisely the time of the big German empires, as Prussia, Austria and other important kingdoms as Bavaria and Bohemia (yes Bohemia is debatable xd, is just the idea).

If the player chooses not to revolt and continue to Imperial, then he won’t be Germans any more, but will have to choose an Empire, with a special unit upgrade.

We would get more German XIX century representation without having to split the civ or create new civs.



The idea of revolting to form states that were autocratic monarchies like Prussia or Austria makes absolutely no sense to me. In reality, the Germans were doing the exact opposite in their multiple revolts attempting to form a unified Germany.

The devs should just realize that the “Germany” we have currently is an overstuffed Frankenstein civ that should be split into Prussia and Austria. We already have multiple Anglo and Hispanic civs so the “culture groups, not countries” argument they use doesn’t make any sense.


Why does it make no sense? considering the first french republic didn’t last very long before a new dictatorship took its place.

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It is not a revolt. It is an age up politician, to choose the final destination of the civ. To choose your late game empire.

And no, despite trying to form an unified Germany, that didn’t work as for example, Italy, as we had multiple states and Prussia got their place as leader of the region by blood and iron, all the others, but Austria, adhering to two Prussian lead confederation/ then empire, while reatining their nominal monarchies (Bavaria adhering at the third attempt, but keeping far more autonomy than the others). Italian unification, happening at almost the same time, was very very different and just 1 monarchy was left, 1 army, 1 set of laws. We have a confederated state with a prominent crown in the 3 German states of the XIX century, and 1 centralized state in the Italian monarchy.

But this doesn’t matter because it is not the Germany civ we’re talking about, it’s the Germans, a culture group, and this suggestion works if the devs don’t want to split the civ in at least two as many many have desired. So that’s why it makes sense to choose an ultimate destination for the German civ (Prussia, Austria, Bavaria and other (Bohemia or other)).

But if the devs at the end want to make Prussia and Austria and delete the German civ, 99% of community would appreciate it xd :relieved:

Anyway, remember we don’t need things to be 100% historical, we need to find a balance between history and fun, in order for the gameplay to be interesting. We can have historical empires inside the Germans civ in a creative a easy way!

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I agree that this is a game and not a history simulator, so some liberties can be taken. I wouldn’t make this change, however.

All of the Euro civs have an archetype when they age up. They select politicians with specific bonuses. The Asian civs pick wonders. The American and Mexican civs get state cards. It’s simple and it works. Trying to turn Germany’s age 5 age-up into something different would just be confusing. Further, we should remember this is a DE version of an old game. There should be some effort to keep the game somewhat recognizable for a player of the original game. I’m not certain this change is so good that it justifies making Germany a unique exception in this way. The devs have given plenty of customization options for players who want more of a feel of Prussia or Austria, etc. Trying to keep that balanced, thematic, and fun both to play and to play against is a big task.

Setting aside the historical argument for a moment, and thinking about just how to make changes to the German civ that are interesting, fun, and balanced, what exactly would we give Germans in addition that we couldn’t give through a politician? Extra Euro minor tribes? They have a card that gives you 5 choices. Heavier merc focus for a more flexible play style? Already in the game. Switch the war wagons to something that is easier to use? In the game. Upgrade the archaics to a line-infantry style army? In the game. Faster infantry? In the game? Faster cav? In the game. Powerhouse economy? In the game, in spades!

Let’s go unit by unit? Skirms? Unique. Musks? Multiple options to get a ranged heavy infantry in the card deck. Archaics? In the deck if you want to rush. Hand cav? Unique and well supported with cards. Light cav? Unique, cards available to make it more like the standard options. Artillery? Standard options available for all Euro civs and the powerhouse economy to spam them already in the game. In terms of having the tools to fight, you have them all already.

There’s very little to offer Germans that they don’t already have without making them significantly OP. And aside from soothing history buffs desire for a more specific portrayal of the various German states, I just don’t see an argument for doing this. Use the options already in the game to create the fantasy you want.


Prussia and Austria evolved through hundreds of years of conquests and dynastic consolidation. That’s the exact opposite of revolutionary. Revolutionary France reverted to dictatorship and monarchy because counter-revolutionary forces won out and ended the revolution.

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I agree that randomly changing the method of aging up to the final age makes no sense, but it’s also excessive to geographically limit the template of a civ. A Prussia civ would be much better in the style of US or Mexico instead of being just another “euro” civ.

With the latest updates to Germany (and India) they’ve already exceeded what can reasonably fit into a single civ. They now have many redundant units and ways to cover any possible weaknesses. If they want to keep adding more content, they need to be split into 2 civs (or more in the case of India).


while it would have been cool to imagine a scenario where Italians had gotten cities or where Poland gets royal families, Denmark great people or Germans states as their means to age up, reality is we have been told they wont do it, it sucks cause there are a lot of fun ideas one could think around such a system.

as for German split we have pretty much been told “no wont happen”, about the only thing we do know when it comes to potential future DLC. sure i can see the point that Prussia could be separated with the same logic for Mexico and the USA but the devs seem set on a no.

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we could just do a revolt styled after what the french revolution that was done recently starting the German revolutions in the 1840s with German reunification as the final end goal

I’m not refering to monarchist forces, I’m refering to Napoleon I and III, despite all it wasn’t that rapid.

So basically the first Reich (Austrian hapsburgs) ends with a revolution to Prussia (instead of revolutionary france), and then instead of the napoleonic era card there’s a german empire.(2nd Reich) card lets call it " *Blut und Eisen".

To be honest, the German civ already has a ton of content representing the minor German realms. You can already choose one of 5 Royal houses and there are some cards that replace the standard German units with regional ones. For me it’s already enough.

If I had to add more, it would just probably be a few more cards.

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