Germans; OP? Needs a split?

I recently started to feel that Germans are really an OP civ but the fact that too elements squeezed into one civ and with that fact, the complications of the German gameplay hides this fact. Maybe it is wiser to answer the community’s request and splitting the civ can be an answer to balance the civ out, what do you think about it? Here some answers for you to choose from:

  • Yes, Split Germans as Prussians and Austro-Hungarians
  • No, keep Germans as it is but add them Prussian and Austro-Hungarian revolutions
  • No, do not dare to touch my Germans!
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What elements? Like curious here what you consider too much cause I see:
The 2 stable units?
The semi untrainable SW (not even aiz uses this card in supremacy, but a few team players sometimes do)
The 2 to 3 acrually used rax units?
Entirely vanilla artillery?
The merc cards that are just “basic mercs plus extra?” (DE mercs are often OP tho)
Niche to meme stuff like landwehr, circle/PE, chevs, errr inqusitors/witchhunters?
Early battleship?
Compare their roster to literally any DE civ. Hardly overflowing imho

Fwiw devs have tried to add more but the core design remains solid and not needing much. Flavor is great but like most legacy civs the core design is the same and works well.

Mandatory reminder too devs have said no german split


I’ll also add another reminder. There is a lot of people who are pretty vocal about a Germans split but in every survey, they are always a minority. This means that the majority of people DON’T want a German split.

Neither here or in AoE2


Not trying to start a fight but do you know of what surveys they are that they are the minority? I always thought they were the majority but it was pretty even.


It’s always framed with half a dozen dumb ways to split them so “no split” always gets the plurality. Usually it’s around 50/50 between split vs no split.


wait they trying to split the teutons? leave my slow pokey bois alone!

To be honest I think in a perfect world with infinite money and dev time most could care less about more fleshed out factions. its just we know aoe3 future is probably not filled with dlc soon so IF we get more, feels like much better options
would I mind a split? not really, but if we got zero calorie germany and diet germany before the dozens of great nations that existed in this time frame it would sort of sting ngl


I don’t think being OP (or not) correlates to civ splits - they’re both separate discussions.

Regarding the idea of splits, it’s been reiterated a few times that the Devs stating they’re not going to, I’m at peace with that.

Now, if there were more German Royal Houses and some more Prince Elector shipment-related goodness, I’m all for that. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure (German state).


Im not gonna pretend Im not in favour of the German split, but the devs have really gone to town with the Germans and through card choices you can allready basically roleplay as the German state of your choosing. Be that Prussia, Austria or otherwise.
The only thing that is lacking is a way to change the displayed flag to the one of your prefered state while ingame.

Are there things I dont like in the Germans? ofc there are, but seeing as (as many said before) the devs stated theyre not interested in the split. The current itteration of the Germans is plenty fine considering Prussians and Austrian representation.

I’d still like to see another name for that RG Uhlan though, even just plain “Royal Uhlan” would be better and more generic than what we got now.

As for “Austria-Hungary” besides Austro-Hungarians being a terrible name (just Austrians is fine). The Hungarian revolt could do with a rework and a Napoleonic style card that changes them into just that. But as a standalone civ that seems very unneeded.


Yes, split them into 2 average balanced civs: Prussia and The Habsburg Empire !

Devs should take immediate action

Not this again.

Why do you hate Germany so much ?
Why shoudn’t we split Italy into Lombardy and papal states ?
Why shouldn’t we split France into French Flanders, Britanny, and France proper ?
Why shouldn’t we split Russia into Russia and Tatars ?

Oh, and how about the Inca empire ? Chimu could have their own civs too ?

But why stop there ?
Why shouldn’t I split myself between a Sheep, a Llama, a Cow, and a Goat ?

Can we have meaningful stuff without catering to every single desire of independence EVER ?

We are waiting for a FREAKING FIX OF THE CROSSBOW SHIPMENTS. Basic QoL and Bugfixes.
And you ask for the manpower to create 2 new civs that should more or less resemble another ?

We should give this community uranium for free nuclear fission.


I think if you all (and we know who already) keep saying Germany is OP and posting about it, it will eventually come true!


Maybe because none of these were actually distinct countries during the time of AoE3? Prussia and Austria were great powers. There’s a reason the posts asking for civ splits are only ever about Germany and India.


Sigh, not this again. Okay, you all asked for this:




Well this is just a vastly oversimplified way of viewing the time period. Plus we fail to see how splitting Germany would result in balance since it’s just creating more things to balance. The whole of the HRE is represented in many ways by Germany. I think you owe an apology to whoever you replied to.

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“Apologies”?. For being right?

The division of Germany has already been talked about several times, and from what I have understood there are two things:

  1. We would have a new civilization (Prussia). (I guess this would be the new civilization if I’m not mistaken).

  2. Austria would be the current Germany that we currently play with hardly any changes, so it would only be a name change basically.

So basically we would be denying ourselves a new civilization just because of a misinterpretation of what is proposed.


True I don’t know why Prussia and Austria/Austria, Hungarian empire weren’t originally in the game… Probably because originally they didn’t want tons of civs.

It wouldn’t make better balance but no one argues that it would make better balance just more sense historically. It wouldn’t be hard to balance as a split would be two standard vanilla civs, no weird units that have odd counters.

You’re gonna have to give me some serious proof that the Papal States were not states, and that Italy was unified and a thing for the whole time period.

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I will stop you right there mighty koala, that is a misnaming of it in english, they were not states in a confederation or similar, they were one state under the sovereignity of the pope, its actual name is Stato Pontificio (could be roughly translated as state of the pontif) or state of the church in english…
If anything you could argue that in the timeline of AoE 3 there were lots of other italians states, some more big and some less big, like kingdom of sardinia (erroneusly called sardnia-piedmont in english most of the time), or the kingdom of two sicilies, then we have the maritime republics too, like pisa and florence… Up until post napoleon the entire north italy was fragmented with lots of states, but the illegitimate state of the church in the mid italy was always a single entity

Well now you kind of owe me an apology unfortunately. If you read the original post this had to do with “Germany being OP” because it’s “stuffed with mechanics” and therefore splitting the civ would resolve that.

It wouldn’t help balance to add a civ. So therefore there should be no Prussia and Austria.

Yes people are saying that splitting the civ would help balance. The original post literally says that. In the first sentence.