Germany and Italy and the european politics

good again guys, what I come here to do is leave my ideas of advancing the age of the Europeans and some unique thing that I am thinking for the Germans and Italians, as always it is more than anything for entertainment, for now my suggestions are incomplete, but I’ll leave what I have so far and add more later.
(post I will also see how the advancement of age of Europeans can be made more interesting)

German states To advance in age (and another unique building The Reichtag and if it is the one taken from the napoleonic era)
Age of Trade II
-Palatine Electorate of the Rhine (1085-1803)

-Grand ducade of Oldenburg (1180-1918)

-Electorate of Saxony (1356-1806)

-Episcopal Principality of Osnabruck (1225-1803)

-Ducade of Pomerania (1121-1637)

Age of Strongholds III
-Electorate of Brunswick-Lunenburg (1701-1814)
What it offers moving forward:
2 Unique Technologies:

-Electorate of Hesse-Kassel (1567-1866)
What it offers moving forward:
2 Unique Technologies:

-Brandenburg-Prussia (1608-1701)

-Electorate of Bavaria (1603-1806)

-Mecklenburg-Gustrow (1480-1695)
Industrial Age IV

-Kingdom of Hanover (1814-1866)

.Ducade of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1701-1815)

Imperial Age V

-Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918)

-Grand Ducade of Baden (1806-1918)

-Kingdom of Bavaria (1815-1918)

-Kingdom of Saxony (1806-1918)

Italian City States to get older
Age of Trade II
Age of Strongholds III
Industrial Age IV
imperial age

New bonuses from the politicians and new Unique European Politicians depending on Civilization

Am I the only one who believes that Europeans are the only ones left behind in advancing their age? because the Africans have alliances, the Asians have wonders and the USA and Mexico are federal states, and I also think that the members of the tribal council need something, but I’m not going to go into it because I don’t know a little about their history and I wouldn’t know what to implement, but well here I will publish some ideas to improve European politicians

I’ll start with the old politicians II
The Governor, his bonus is that he gives a detachment cart and 200 gold (300 for Italy if you sent the advanced politicians letter)
It is available for: British, Dutch, French, Italian, Maltese, Ottoman, Spanish and Swedish.

I thought that this could slightly improve the line of sight of defensive buildings and that it improves the gold collection in estancias and Haciendas (+2 LOS and 10% gold collection in estancias and haciendas)

The inventor, his bonus is that it allows your explorer to have a hot air balloon (+300 exp with Italian A.P)
It is available to everyone

Its reward could be improved a bit by making artillery units and ships be created 10% faster.

The Logista, depends on the civilization:
If you are British, Italian and Maltese: it gives you an armory wagon and a free tech (2 armory wagons if you are Italian… wtf xd A.P)
If you are Dutch it gives you a military cart 1 halberdier and now you can do them in age II
The Swedes and French send them 1 military wagon and an armory wagon
The Germans an armory wagon and an extra uhlan for shipments of age I and II
The Portuguese can create crossbowmen, pikemen and musketeers in town centers and have +1 range
the Russians are given 1 military wagon and make the blockhouses house 15 pop
and the Spaniards, well, have extra resources in first class shipments and they are sent much faster.

In general, the ones that I think do not need changes are: The Spanish, and the Russian, in the case of the Portuguese, I do not see it as bad since it could add +2 LOS to the infantry.

british, maltese and italian, in addition to the bonuses granted the armory gains an attack aura (which is not improved if you build an arsenal nearby, they do not stack) that improves the damage and hp of the units by 10%
in the case of the Dutch, in addition to the military wagon and the halberdier, it improves the creation of infantry units by 10%
French and Swedish, in addition to the military wagon and the arsenal, gives them the ability to garrison military units inside the stables, barracks, arsenals and artillery foundries, maximum 10 units.
and in the case of the Germans (in case the electorate thing never happens… which is most likely XD) in addition to the arsenal and the extra uhlan it reduces the cost of the cavalry to mele by 10%
The naturalist is for almost all Europeans and her bonus is the same 2 settlers and 2 semi-fattened cows except Germany that brings a settler wagon, what I had in mind is that it will also enable farmyard animals to produce food while they are in the farmyard ( 0.60 of food per cow and 0.25 per sheep, it is not much to not abuse so much and so quickly)
The Philosopher Prince in addition to the 500 food (750 for the Italians) could improve the food collection in the mills by 12%
The non-commissioned officer, in addition to the 400 wood, can improve the speed of creating buildings by 5% and the collection of wood by 10%
The medici for the Italians, in addition to the villager and the Lombard (2 villagers with the letter) could enable the Lombards to have a small drop of coins of 0.50 (less than that of a taverna) and that in turn this drop also have the option to a######### inside the lombard and that once it reaches 250 it is invested in food and wood

(then I continue with the politicians of age III and with the idea that I wrote above)

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this won’t happen. Could be done as a mod

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Germany should never have been in aoe3 they should have been 2 separate civs from the start.

Germany should have been Austrians and Prussians.

One of a catholic focused nation which relied in mercenaries the other was rapidly modernized and well was on the protestant side during the 30 yrs war.


Pero lo hecho, hecho esta amigo ya no se puede cambiar lamentablemente, solo vine a escribir algo como esto

I wish Italy was made with a state adding age up to represent the Risorgimento but it’s probably too late to change that.

I think there’s still hope of adding a Prussian civ that has a mechanic like that to represent German unification.


se espera amigo, editare algo más si se me ocurre, y bueno no se si eso de los ducados alemanes y reinos también lo habre hecho bien xd