Germany new cards

The Germans has obtain all the versatility they needed:

  • Units with - less pop space
  • Units with wood cost
  • A pseudo musk/skirm.
  • Complete mercenary strat (although they have not improved the viability of “wallenstein contracts”)
  • Native units they deserved

But the new cards don’t fit in many competitive 1v1 decks. And I don’t play treaty, but I suspect they don’t have free slots in the deck either.

  • Prince-Electors (age II) not send the 2 uhlans, and not is viable in 1vs1 if: not send a embassy / not send some natives units / the units cost pop / not native musk in age II / not can take technologyes or a 1 free tech / not an age I card.

  • Scharnhorst Reform: Is a great card, the landwhehrs proves very effective for taking on a missing role in the German roster of a light infantry unit with generic musk damage. But this card it has too much competition at age 3, with essential sends and very powerful military sends, so it would only be viable if you use a semi ff with xbows or a rush and keep them alive.

For 1vs1 need add: send 5-6 landwehrs / a free technology like riffle counter inf / free upgrade.

  • Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers: only send 2 or 3 chevaulegers (im not sure now) and not uhlans. Need add 5+ chevaulegers.

This unit is good, better than WW many times, (except units with high HP lile france cav/india eles…), 2 pop and good cac for attack skirms or cav.

  • Death Rider: could train Totenkopf Husars afterward.

  • For use exclusive merc strats (not only a ff and get black riders, jaegers and pandours), I think germany needs a card or a way to get exp faster, but it should be linked to the mercenary cards so as not to make it OP.


I agree with the issues about the prince electors, Dearh Ride and Chevaulegers cards.
It also seems that the new cards are missing the Uhlans, for example theScharnhorst Reform do not send any Uhlan.


Also all german combat cards are unit specific, and unlike french they don’t have native combat. It’s not a good card since those units will be weaker than your own naturalised units.
A great example is Chevaulegers compared to the Prinz Chevaulegers are weaker since they don’t benefit from the cavalry hitpoints and combat cards.

Age 2 cards have more competition than age 3 cards in my opinion So I think it’s perfectly fine as it is.

I think it’s fine, except maybe it should give 3 Chevaulegers not 2 since it’s an age 3 card

Death ride is like the prince-elector’s card the hussar’s end up being weaker than Uhlans

The mercenary camps card is troublesome since It’s hard to fit the card in the age 3 slots, but at least germany has improved mercenaries as a card.
Maybe germans should have mercenary camps by default and a fixed roster of mercenaries much like american and african civs have a fixed roster of outlaws.

I think that since the last update it does send the 3 uhlans.

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Good to know, thanks

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As I explained here, I think the reason why they cost population is because there are already 2 new shipments of ‘infinite natives’. (14 habsburg allies Age IV+ Army of the Circle Age III).

I could suggest the following:

In addition to the current benefits, it gives you a native embassy.
Units will not cost population until age 4, once you reach age 4 they will cost population. In case the ‘14 habsburg allies’ card is missing they will cost no population, but the number of trainable units should be reduced accordingly.

Once you choose the ally, it gives you a number of units from the chosen royal house. (could have some coin cost).

In addition to the current benefits:

You can train mercenaries and outlaws in batches of 10 at the mercenary camp or tavern.

Re-enable the mercenaries you have sent so far. Infinite mersenary shipments arrive faster.

It could also reduce the mercenary population by -1.

I will not extend myself further because this already has its own theme, many things have been proposed in this regard. (Wallensteins contract needs a rework)

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Maybe I should send 5 landwhehrs, and trade the wood cost for coins.

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yo creo que con 6 landwhehrs y mejorarlos a veteranos (y si quizas cambiar el coste a oro)
Y la carta de principes electores alemanes deberia de ser de edad 1 y enviar 2 carretas de embajada nativa

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I think the new cards are mostly fine, prince electors should either be age I or send uhlans/an embassy though.

Id like to see the Habsburg alliance increase the build limit of line infantry to 30 as well. I feel like the choice has been ruined last patch so as to not conflict with the age IV infinite shipment.

Scharnhorst reforms is basically a crossbow combat card, if it just said increase crossbow stats by x% nobody would ask for extra units on the card. And it is actually better than that.


Añadir 5/6 landwherhs, una actualización a veteranos gratuita o una tecnologia del arsenal sería genial, pero cambiar el costo de madera a oro no me convence del todo, a veces viene bien para macro que cuesten madera ya que la mayoria de unidades ya son muy pesadas en oro.

But it would make them more viable in the late game. It would also still be a very cheap unit.

It also becomes a unit with a firearm, so it would make more sense.

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