Germany, the original mercenary civ, doesn't have The Mercenary Contractor politician for Fortress age

Previously, the main issue for Germany not to go for the mercenary contract card was because of the random element to it. You managed to fix this for other Europeans civs by allowing them to access to this politician (and thus, incentivizing people to use more mercenaries) and yet, you decided to deny Germany, the previously known civ for it’s mercenaries capabilities, to access at least some guaranteed mercs units through Mercenary Contractor politician for age up.

Because of this, now that we’ve got Swedes with guaranteed good mercs through several means and buffs, I doubt anybody is going to go for mercs strat with Germany, holding their breath to at least get one viable mercenary unit for the card to be worth it… Why wouldn’t you just let Germany have good age III mercs and Swedes superior age IV mercs and options for mercs?

It’s not like it is their only strategy, so I don’t see why good mercenaries should be exclusive to Swedes.


Maybe they should replace the German mercenary enhancement card.
The effect of changing to mercenaries to reach the destination cheaper and faster

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I agree with you that germany should have access to this politician. I will go farer : Germany should have received the sweden mechanism (you can recruit mercenary at the saloon after you send them from europe). Germany is not the mercenary civ anymore.

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In fact, everything in Sweden is better with mercenaries.
They can also use a card that, in addition to the 20% buff, recruits German mercenaries in the barracks as regular troops.
Infantry buff cards also affect mercenaries.

I expected that to change that in the first updates but it hasn’t happened yet.