Germany: Vanilla deck or new cards post update?

KaiserKlein will not use 10 trabants, 11 saxon cuirs, 7 winged hussars… ?


I understand why he doesn’t really use a lot of the new stuff because it’s not particularly good. The only cards I think can be good are the card to swap WW for dragoons in certain match ups makes a lot of sense vs civs like inca or aztec for example and I do like the bosniak card but it can be hard to fit in and it’s hard to say if it’s worth swapping black riders for them.

I still can’t find a good way to use Landwehr, feels like I always struggle to mass xbow since most my wood already go to upgrades or more barrack/falc. I won’t deny that Landwehr is good when upgraded too, but the german coin eco and skirmisher just limit this unit use for me

@Nevonidas you know what to do… :laughing:

I understand it too, but it’s funny that I haven’t seen him using any new cards at all in the last tournament, and I don’t think I’ll use them either now that they’ve been buffed…

Chevaulegers were great, possibly broken by being able to kill small groups of skirms, used them in almost all my matches except maybe vs france (gendarms) and india (eles).

10 trabants is a good shipment with a value of 800 res free pop, in some over pop situations you can use them!

11 saxon cuirs is a strong free pop shipment, nice for germany combo, I really like this.

7 winged hussars are other nice free pop shipment, with a good micro (high vel and charges) they can work wonders.

7 Bosniaks are strong and sometimes they have given me victory. Although I understand that black riders and jaegers are the perfect merc combo.

Circle army musks and cuirs not a bad free pop shipment

The same problem also happens to me, I’ve only found a niche of use after a rush with many surviving xbows, or when they took away map control and I don’t have mines.

Yepp haha!.

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I dont wanna say which civs got useless cards on their rework…

I know, but I am not complaining at all about the changes in Germany, I am absolutely satisfied, I proposed several of these changes in the forum so that the new cards were really viable.