Germany with US age up mechanics?

No matter, what you are thinking about the addition of the US (pls not under this Thread), i like the Age Up Mechanics. They seem very fitting for a federal state… like germany. In fact there have been some threads with the exact same idea for Italy and Germany before. I think it would greatly benefit the flavor of Germany as a civ and also please all prussia and austria-hungary fanboys :wink: so here is my proposal:

-Hanseatic League/ Hamburg,
some bonus with shipments or xp trickle

maybe war wagons an age earlier (?) ~i know, that the population in bohemia was mostly czech

Counter-Reformation the church unique tech (mostly catholic techs); or some bonus for architecture

center of reformation gives new/different church unique tech

enables all german mercenaries at european saloon/ other merc. bonus

replaces germantown farmers; something something beer

something with Meissen porcelain or a buff for Uhlans, since they once where kings of poland

something related to Great Britain, since their Prince inherited the english crown and became George I.

some coin/trade related bonus; or some bonus, since it is the birthplace of the german constitution

-Schleswig-Holstein/ Kiel,
some bonus for warships or like the NewJersey Canal card

some eco bonus since it was germanys most industrial region

enables Landwehr/Musks and Grenandiers

enables Magyar Hussars and Pandur (?) /Grenadiers

-German Empire,
sends two heavy cannons (/Krupp Guns)

-Großdeutsche Lösung - ?

As you can see, most ideas are just “reskins” of existing age up bonuses or cards from the homecity. Ofc they are not ballanced and you need something like 200wood etc. aswell. I wouldnt copy the US system 100%, since germany already has a problem with getting all their shipments, so i would preffere to give them some of their card bonuses as an age up (e.g. Bavaria → German town farmers). This wouldnt be OP, since they wont recive uhlans for it.


Let us please not screw up the Germans, by implementing the broken OP USA mechanics into them.


dude, just read the proposal first. you wrote like 5 seconds after i opend the thread


I did read it, but Euro civs should still play like Euro civs.

Getting new units because you chose a different German State, is silly.

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why? it represents the diversity of the hre.

also its very late, age 4/5

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Germans are balanced around not having Musketeers or Grenadiers, for example, and around Uhlans being worse than Hussars, yetrs you propose giving them these exact units, and not even just normal Hussars, but Magyar Hussars, which are stronger.

Also, Early War Wagons would be busted. There is no Age 2 unit that can take a War Wagon on, and those things wreck Outposts…

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The age up mechanic is likely a reworked version of what originally was planned for the Italians (even though we don’t know much about it tbh).

I don’t think reworking how an excisting civ works is a good idea though, I proposed changes to the German civ as well in the past and the most common reactions always seems to be “don’t change how a perfectly functioning civ works” which is a valid concern imo. The Germans seems to be performing fine as they are atm.


germans can unlock grenadiers in age 3… so instead giving them an age up uption for age 4 / 5 doesnt change to much.

you could also make something like: Austria Hungary, instead of uhlans, you now have acces to Magyar hussars. Wouldnt be gamebreaking, since in that stage of the game uhlan shipments arent that important anymore.

In exchange for the musk, the prussians could lose the ability to train dopps

It would, because of Settler Wagon Economy and Magyar Hussars being even stronger than normal.
France already is a pain to balance due to CDB and Cuirassiers, and what you propose, would turn Germans into France on overdrive.

i wasnt aware of any diffence between hus and magyar hus besides the HP, it was just my first thought with austria-Hungary. You could make them more expensive or just give them normal Hus.

Magyar Hussars have Twice the HP, which is even more than what the Cuirassiers get.

" Revolting to Hungary as the Ottomans turn Hussars into Hungarian Hussars , which are Royal Guard Hussars with twice the hit points of regular Hussars.

  • The Germans and Russians can acquire Hungarian Hussars when revolting to Hungary with the “Hungarian Hussars” card."

That is the reason why you cannot train them as the Revolt civs, only send them as cards.
They are basically Mamelukes, but cheaper.

Even regular Hussars would be broken. Germans literally have Uhlans as a weaker unit, precisely because of teh Settler wagon Economy.
It is also why they have slower shipments.

they have uhlans, because of the shipments primarily. In late game with all boomed out ecos, it would even the ground for german cav (to have hus instead of uhlan)

I like your idea very much. I even wrote something similar once.

The Germans and potential Italians were divided into smaller countries within the AoE 3 timeframe. I believe that it would be most justifiable to take into account the multitude of states that are, in a way, part of this civ.

In this way, the HRE flag makes sense all the time.

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I think in Age 5 the better options would be - German Empire or Confederation of the Rhine.

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yeah, i remember reading your post :slight_smile:

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would be a cool idea. its a bit difficult to find other options for age 5, since it all came down to unification

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only Holstein was a part of the german league and even then it would feel like quiet a punch to me if they added holstein into the game like that while the parent country still is missing.

in a perfect world, there would be danes aswell ;D kiel / Holstein could be exchanged with bremerhaven or some other coastline. I just had the idea, because of the timeline and the canal

that is completely fair, just keep in mind it wasn’t really a part of germany at least before 1864 (tho it had been in an odd spot for centuries, ruled by a foerign king but part of the HRE and german confederation)

Westphalia, Hesse, Brandenburg - there are many better options for civ Germans.