Get back the old Koreans!

Back in the voobly days, people were crying so much against the tower rush in general and unitl know they still want to delete it completely especially with Incas, the Koreans nerfs/changes was of course because people were very upset fr the Trushs in general and they think the Koreans in that time were OP but no they are not.

Koreans nowadays are very very boring to play with, nothing funny with them except their UUs and even after the last buffs they still sucks so what i suggest?!

-Koreans fortifications (Towers, Palisade walls, stone walls and castles) build 50% faster.

-Koreans mangonel line have +1 range as team bonus or normal bonus.

-Koreans towers have +25% HP

-Remove the free archers armors upgrades

Now since we gave the Koreans free +1 mangonel line range then of course we need to change their imperial UT because it is the same so i suggest (siege workshop units and Turtle ship cost 30% less wood).

So what do you think?


I always liked old Koreans better. Current Koreans seems like a new civ. I think Goths, Indians and Turks deserved identity changes more, than Koreans. Trushes were never OP, they are just annoying to deal with.


Koreans are very boring civ to play with after they changed them, i really think we should get back the old Koreans.

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And you remember why they got that removed?

No, I would rather have Shinkichon +2 Range.

Too the same of the Byzantine bonus and Chinese Castle Age UT


We need that:

  • Stone miners work 20% faster
  • Villagers and Fishing Ships +3 LOS
  • Walls are built 100% faster
  • Towers +25% hitpoints
  • Tower upgrades are free (BBC requires Chemistry)
  • Mangonels +1 range
  • Unique Techs are the same, War Wagon is the same, buff Turtle Ships, give them Demolation Rafts
  • Team Bonus: Something defensive like Castles +10 pop space and garrison space or Walls +3 LOS or Mangonel friendly fire damage decreased

Yes get them back they are not OP at all

No, mangonels with +1 range is better

There is a reason years ago Korean suddenly became the strongest 1v1 civ and devs had to nerf towers 11

Give them a hwacha they dont have to be strong as an mangonel-line but give them bigger blast width and or give the projectiles the blast width so if they hit random units those random units get damaged

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But Incas Trush is waaaaay better than Koreans Trush and they didn’t nerf it. I think bringing back the old Koreans will be more than fine, people always crying against any Trush anyway.

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Yeah I remember why they removed it…
The Devs didn’t though and thought they’d bring sicilians in with a 100% build time oon their castles

With the Sicilians isn’t that strong because they don’t have stone mining bonuses and free tower range (in the past), and still needs to be toned down because the Castle drop is really strong.

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While I do think that they have become different with the lower mangonel range and especially the lower tower range, the archer addition was good.

Generally nowadays I think towers have become much too weak and are no longer effective.
So instead of buffing Koreans, I think towers should get more HP or armour again.

For example walls were nerfed very hard, but they are still a part of the game, just a bigger investment in terms of time and resources. Towers have become much too weak. I haven’t seen a successful trush in many months, no matter whether it’s 1000 1v1 rating or 2200.

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Me gusta la de darle más vida a las torres :smiley:

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Yeshl exactly; we want to make towers worthy like in the past, and i totally agree with you that it is very rare now to see a tower rush being successful.

I think you don’t even know what you are talking about…at least they are now playable on land 1v1 maps. Their identity is to start with archers and then switch on stone = castle and get chariots. If you wanna annoy your opponent you can still tower at feudal with some archers and skirms and in castle Age they are upgraded for free.

If you find them boring to play, then you are probably playing them in a wrong way…maybe question your gameplay. They can’t be less boring than people walling in dark age and fast castling with just ALL civs haha

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Koreans are late game civ that excel in maps like black forest/michi team games even in DE. A mixture of halberdiers, war wagons and siege onagers is a deathball machine. Onagers with plus 2 range would be even stronger.

I think they are fine place right now. Maybe some tower buffs could be needed. But I don’t know.